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Flare up or new med or weather?

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    Flare up or new med or weather?

    I was diagnosed 11 years ago, and I have a pretty good handle on my MS. I haven't had a real flare in almost 5 years.

    I recently switched from Copaxone to Aubagio, about 2 months ago.

    Also, it's June and it's been hot, which is exhausting, but at least with the pandemic, I have a great reason to not go outside. My whole company is working from home, and my HR is not going to make me come back until my doctors approve it.

    My question is, are my fatigue and depression related to a flare, or Aubagio, or is it just June with MS? I have a neurologists' appointment next month, and I will discuss all of this with her, but I just needed to get this out.

    Like I said, I'm doing well with my MS. I'm not angry like I used to be, it's just part of me. I just have my moments when it's overwhelming, and need to get it out.

    Originally posted by Aunt Deb
    are my fatigue and depression related to a flare, or Aubagio, or is it just June with MS?
    That'd be my top 3 assumptions. Or possibly some unknown 4th one. But the answer would be up to you and your doctor to decide. The rule of thumb for many symptoms is if new ones persist for a week then call.

    Originally posted by Aunt Deb
    but I just needed to get this out.
    I get it! Rant away -- MS sucks.
    59M / RRMS / Dx1987 / Ocrevus


      Hey Aunt Deb,

      Fatigue and depression are such a catch-22 with MS. MS can cause both, medicine can cause both, and life in general can cause depression, which in turn can cause fatigue.

      I have had situational depression twice, once when diagnosed and a second time when I was struggling on a decision to stop working.

      My neuro told me that amidst the pandemic, he is seeing a rise in people reporting depression and people who say their existing depression is worsening. He feels for many, it is the loss of in person social support, lack of hugs and other physical contact, as well as the loss of routine activity (gym, office, church, sports leagues, hobbies, etc...).

      Wise to explore all the possibilities at your neuro appointment.

      Glad you shared here! We all get it! Hang in there.
      DX 01/06, currently on Tysabri