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Is this MS fatigue?

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    Is this MS fatigue?

    My neurologist has taken me off full-time employment and put me on short term disability as I struggle to recover from a relapse that occurred around Thanksgiving. I'm having PT and OT twice a week in an outpatient clinic setting that specializes in neuro rehab, and am dutifully doing my rehab exercises each day at home.

    I will be getting AFOs for both legs to help with my foot drop. It seems to take so much out of me just to get in and out of the house and the therapy clinic, that I am totally exhausted and weak with "concrete" legs almost to the point of tears the evening of therapy, and sometimes into the next day too.

    I honestly don't feel the therapists are working me too hard.......but this kind of complete physical fatigue is new to me since the 11/17 exacerbation. Thoughts from those more knowledgeable than me?

    I'm sorry you are having a hard time, Canary. I'm wondering if what you are describing is muscle fatigue/weakness? It is common enough when our muscles are de-conditioned due to lack of use. Thus the added PT you are now doing can cause this. I would stick with the PT exercises and hopefully, the weakness will be less severe as you build up more muscle and stamina. OT will give you insights and strategies to help you manage more efficiently. Guess you know that already

    Demyelination can also be a contributing factor.

    Read up here from the NMSS

    General overall fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of MS. It affects the majority of us and many of us find it worsens as the day progresses. There are different medication out there to help combat this and a talk with your neurologist might prescribe something for you if you are interested.

    Glad to hear you will be getting a AFO. That should help you a lot.
    Take care of yourself!
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      Went to PT yesterday and the therapist released me to continue exercises at home. She said there was nothing more they could accomplish through having me come in for PT sessions that I couldn't do at home......and conserve the energy I Was using just to get to and from therapy. Maybe a couple more sessions of OT, but both therapists counseled me on ways to conserve energy and to recognize that today might be a "level 2" energy day, but tomorrow could be a "level 10" energy day and to take advantage of the good days, and not to over schedule my days.

      I said that I was hopeful with the AFO's I would be better able to be more active. The therapist said it was always good to have a positive outlook. I'm feeling like the therapists don't have a real positive outlook for my ability to recover from my relapse. I'm just going to keep working towards improvement.


        This is the only way I found to explain how bad the fatigue is to folks who don't have it. I tell them I've had mono and two pregnancies but that is nothing compared to the ms lassitude. Then I ask this question, "Have you ever been so tired that you just don't care? Too tired to sleep? Then they get it.
        At least that's how it is for me. It's bone numbing, makes you weak, shaky and affects cognitive with foggy brain. Anyway, if they really want to know like by trying to push you into doing something you can't that day like shopping, this has worked for me. Just sayin...