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    Modafinil is the generic form of Provigil, one of the drugs prescribed for fatigue. It's actually very well known to anyone who suffers from narcolepsy as that is what it used to be used primarily for. But, it works well for MS fatigue.

    Having said that, I've tried the other fatigue drug (started with an A? long ago I can't remember) and would get screaming headaches from it, so I went back to Provigil/Modafinil. And usually it works to stop my fatigue or at the very least to make me feel like I am still an awake human being! I take one in the morning after breakfast, if I find that fatigue is going to tail me and another after lunch if things haven't improved.

    On days when my fatigue is off the charts, I don't bother since this drug won't even touch it. I also make sure to take at least 2-3 consecutive days off of taking it so it gives my body a chance to reset.
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      My wife

      Swears by concerta, the brand, not the generic.