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Not tired enough to not be angry

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    Not tired enough to not be angry

    I tried to ration my adderall as I wait to get in for a doctor appointment but I completely ran out and haven't left the house in four days and haven't gone in for my monthly blood/urine analysis and am so tired and depressed and can't fight through the daily pain. I'm tired of fighting! I'm tired!

    I'm tired of pizza and chinese delivery. I need a shower. I need to exercise which helps with fatigue.

    Some of this has to be a psychological barrier I need to break through.

    It's 11:30 am. There's lots of time to get to the grocery store... and quest. I don't see a doc til thur and am certainly not going to stay cloistered and deprived of healthy food for that long. I absolutely refuse.

    I'll make some more coffee but why make it so hard to get the ONLY immediate relief for this frustrating debilitating symptom?!

    I will not use double-negatives
    I will use anything but double negatives
    Oh forget it...


      Originally posted by sardi_g View Post
      I will not use double-negatives
      I will use anything but double negatives
      Oh forget it...
      Oh sardi, I'm so sorry you are suffering, but at least you have your sense of humor

      I hope you got your shower and bought some healthy food today! Sometimes all we can do is go though the motions. Thursday can't come soon enough, but hang in there! OK?
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        Hopefully it will be the last to go.


          Hi sardi,
          You are having a bad time!!!
          Showering is a necessity but it takes sooo much energy!!
          Do you always need an apt to get a repeat of a script?
          I'm unsure of the intricacies of how your health care works.
          In Aus if I need a repeat of a medication that has already been prescribed for me it is possible to ring the doctors surgery and they charge a nominal fee to have it waiting at reception. Sometimes they have faxed it through to the pharmacy and i've only had to organise collection when it's filled. If i lived in a larger town i may even have access to phamacies that deliver.
          Would you be able to do something similar?

          I know you have tests to get done but it something like this was possible you would at least have your medication before Thursday.
          Keep on ing


            I think it was irresponsible of me to complain. I am between healthcare providers and the lines of symptoms can be blurred as ms affects so many functions so there's a lot of overlap.

            I was literally trying to self-infuse some elan by riling myself up! Pretty obtuse.


              Venting can help sometimes!

              Did it this time?


                Yes support is always helpful. Thanks you two!