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general question about fatigue / cognitive dysfunction

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    general question about fatigue / cognitive dysfunction

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone here suffering from fatigue / cognitive dysfunction has taken Provigil / Modavigil or any other stimulants and found that none of them worked?

    Or did everyone eventually find something that worked for them?

    I'm just asking as I have only tried Provigil and it didn't work for me.

    Hi sing a long~

    You might want to search through our Fatigue sub-forum to see what others have said.

    Either peruse through the threads or use the search box located in the right hand corner at the very top of the page and type the word Provigil.

    I'm going to move your thread over to the Fatigue sub-forum and hopefully others will chime in.
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      Modafinil helps me a lot. I wasn't approved for it this year so by chance my doctor had me do a home sleep study. Surprise I have sleep apnea, not the body type for it but I guess much higher risk if you have MS. Have you had a sleep study? Maybe look into the cause of your fatigue and see if there might be other contributing factors that could be treated.