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Adderall with nuvigil/provigil?

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    Adderall with nuvigil/provigil?

    So it's that time of year. As I write this, my big light box is sending annoying flourescent-like lightwaves my way but who knows, maybe this works.

    I always get more fatigued in the winter. Seasonal affective disorder, bipolar depression, ms - I really don't care anymore. I know I'm also in the midst of an exacerbation and have been experiencing weakness and soreness in my legs. I'm pushing myself to do what I need to but it's sooo tiring.

    I'm currently taking adderall but the effects are minimal. I asked my pdoc about nuvigil and he said I can take one or the other but not both. I'm just wondering if anyone has been on both types of stimulants together - an amphetamine in addition to one of the 'vigils. I'm curious to know if this is as odd as my doctor is making it out to be. I understand the risk of having a manic episode but I honestly think the ms snuffed it out. I haven't had an episode in forever. I don't have the hardware anymore to host a manic episode! 9 black holes and countless lesions? But that's just my theory.

    Wish you all well.

    Since Provigil is really not a straight up stimulant like adderal, you can take them both at the same time. However, you may just want to try the Provigil/Nuvigl as they may do the trick for your ADD/SAD/MS fatigue. It is stronger than Adderal. If it doesn't help enough, you can take it twice per day, in the AM, and one mid day. If you really want to stay on the Adderal, talk to your neurologist about this.

    Take care
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