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Memory issues and ways to manage it

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    Memory issues and ways to manage it


    just wondering if any of you guys have memory issues as part of your MS symptoms? My short term memory has always been fairly terrible but I do feel like itís gotten a lot worse at times more recently, which is when Iíve been having the other symptoms leading to the suspicion I may have MS. I know this can be an MS symptom, no idea if it is in my case as I donít even know if I have it yet. But I was wondering if you guys had any strategies for helping with remembering things, in particular any phone apps you might use that help you organise your life and remember calendar and another app I use are ok but Iím sure there are way better things out there. Any info on how you battle memory would be appreciated, thanks 😊

    I try to put everything in my phone. I use the calendar app for appointments and reminders. For everything else I use the list app. Iíve got shopping lists, to do lists, and all sorts of other lists. I use the locking feature to put insurance and credit card info in notes that require a passcode. Itís all backed up to the cloud every night.

    I have my familyís phone numbers written down and tucked in my wallet, in case my phone is lost or damaged.


      I've heard that Evernote app for your phone is a very handy tool for writing notes to keep track what's most impt to you and for organization!
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        Hi nick,

        This is the bane of my existence.
        I have even forgotten my treatment apt's a couple of times.
        It does seem to get worse if
        1)i have a lot on and am mentally overdoing it,
        2)am fatigued and haven't rested when my body says NO,
        3)if i am feeling worried or upset, stressed about something,

        Things improve if I manage these things and try and liveroutinely (for want of a better word).

        i have about 18 years on you though so that probably puts me in another generation maybe ?
        Be nice....
        I have also had 30 odd yrs of accumulated damage that i am dealing with now.

        I of course have to use strategies to keep track of things like everyone else and have tried many over the years .
        the modern phones are great with all their apps etc etc and i try and always enter anything ​immediately in my phone calendar and clock alarm .
        The calendar alone isn't enough but the alarm constantly going off the day before my apt or what ever does help.
        I would be very interested in any app you hear about that might be of help too.

        the funny thing is that as my memory issues have worsened i find using tech, especially new tech a real chore to use because of all the updates etc etc, and i find the more tactile old fashioned-week to a page diary seems to work the best for me.
        I don't just write apts etc down but try to use it a bit like a journal to keep my thoughts straight.
        it seems easier to organise my life by just glancing at a whole week at a time some how.
        i always just leave open at the current wk on my desk and jot things down.
        The rest of my family knows this and they can refer to it as well where as my ph is always with me.

        sorry about the ramble


          I keep a pad and pen in every room of my house so when I need to buy something or remember something I write it down rt then, if not I will not remember it. I also used my phone calendar and notes mostly for appointments. (when I remember to)
          God Bless Us All



            Thanks yíall!! I downloaded theEvernote app which seems pretty good, I think Iíll try a combo of that, a paper diary and clock alarms on my iphone. Between all of that I might be less of a hopeless bloody idiot 😂


              I've tried using a calendar, notes, etc. But my memory is so bad that I can't remember if I took a pill 3 minutes ago, much less remember to check a calendar. The usual suggestions are useless, because they work only for those who have a decent short term memory to start with. For example, take your medicine out and put it back after you take it. OK, but did I take it and forget to put it back, or did I not take it yet? Or maybe I never put it back yesterday after I did or didn't take it yesterday. I need adult supervision. 🤣 If anyone has ideas that help people with truly bad short term memory problems, I'm listening. 🙂


                I have a calendar and when I take any med I write it down plus time on the calendar. I was at the point I could not remember if I had taken shot, pill, or vitamin or such thought about it. Seems ridiculous but it works for me. Lists are my friend and a necessary part of daily living.


                  I experiencing this and, low and behold, there's a thread on it! Whew! I also had a cognitive test done by my MD that came back very high. You know, the one with the picture of the lion, rhino and the camel and the "how many words start wit F" sort of thing. But have know something is not right with my memory.

                  For me it's conversations. Hubby will tell me something or we'll have a convo and later I'll not remember ever having that conversation. It's unnerving. I used to think it was his fault - that he thought he told me something but didn't. Now I realize it's me. It's very unsettling.

                  Just yesterday he pulled his phone from the depths of the junk drawer to charge it. He's not a "phone person" and rarely uses it. Apparently we had a convo about it. Normally I would tease him seeing him get his phone as it's such a rare event. And, yes, I did tease him. But 4 hours later I see the phone and ask him why it's out. I had NO idea or memory of the initial conversation.

                  This scares me more than any tremor.
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                    There are a lot of good suggestions here. I, also, use my phone calendar and my phone alarm often to remind me of appointments, etc.

                    I hadn't thought about going back to a paper calendar. If my current methods stop working, I might consider it. Decades ago, I used to use a Daytimer calendar that I absolutely loved.
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