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Who prescribes your anti-depressants?

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    I have as many meds prescribed by my PCP as the insurance will allow. They require the neuro to prescribe my Tecfidera and Provigil.

    I've been seeing my PCP for 8 years and she knows that I do my own research and know my body, so she will basically consult and advise, but the decision is mine.

    Over the years, she's prescribed anti-depressants, pain-killers, valium, Lyrica. When I see other docs (like a psychiatrist) they act like their specialty is all I have going on. So they focus on short-term solutions and short-sighted advice. My PCP knows it all.

    Yes, I may message her asking for Vicodin (drug-seeking) but I have had a herniated disk for years, it flares up sometimes, and I'm trying to put off surgery for another decade, so I may use pills for a week, until I line up PT again. I have never taken more than 30 pills over the course of a year. At the ER, they want to do an MRI, send me for a consult. Psychiatrists act like I am doomed to a life-long hell of pills and more pills, and just keep switcging without regard that I've tried some before and know what works. Then they want me to see more and more doctors.

    And of course, all these medical professionals work only while I'm at work, so it's more costly and disruptive. If the US wants to move to patient-directed care, they need to let patients direct!

    Long answer to say: find whatever doc you are most confortable with, and have them preacribe as much of your meds as possible.