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    I have always been a positive person. I do have a lot going on with five kids, three of them teenaged girls. I have a belief in God that is really strong and gives me so much peace with every situation, but yet I am struggling.

    I can't accomplish things that have always come easy for me, like cleaning my home and making dinner. My focus is GONE! Everyday, I wake up with a plan to accomplish so much, and yet I don't. This is not normal for me at all. Yet I am afraid to bring it up, It will hurt me to my core to hear that the reason for this or that is because I am depressed, this could be used against me in so many ways.

    I know that something is different and I want to honor that and do something about it, but I don't want to hear about it as a reason for everything that I bring up as a concern.

    I want to make things better, I am not doing what I should be doing or what I need to do, or working up to my potential, I need to figure out how to jump start myself again. I don't feel depressed. I am happy, thankful and am quite busy. What is the problem then?

    Where is my attention to detail and follow through? I take care of every essential thing, but can't/don't do the other stuff. Any ideas?

    I could have written to your words. I get so frustrated because some days, it is all I can do to get dressed and take our dog for a short walk. I feel like I aged prematurely.

    I have interests in the same things I did before, but just can't follow thru a lot. I still talk to people and once in awhile, go out socially. I already take a Rx for depression, which seems effective. Psychiatrist, psychologist, and neuropsychologist all say depression is managed well with current dosage.

    But I do have strong fatigue, which factors into what I can accomplish. Is this a factor for you? With 5 kids, I know healthy people are tired, but the MS fatigue is different.

    Sometimes motivation isn't the problem and no jump start available. And as MS changes our abilities, we are constantly trying to adapt, sometimes having to grieve our old self. And then the guilt, for placing more burden on family members.

    But since this is new to you, you should talk to your neuro. You want to rule out potential causes (blood work to make sure no contributing factors, etc...). If it turns out depression is a factor, you want to make sure treated.

    Good luck.
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      Thanks for your input Kathy. I'm sorry that you have so much fatigue and are having these difficulties as well.

      It feels really weird to me. I feel like I can do it, nothing to stop me, except my motivation is 100% gone. This is not me normally at all. Usually I'm doing multiple things at once and helping others.

      At the end of everyday I'm disappointed with myself, yet repeat the same thing the next day. I am annoying myself. My poor husband must not know what to think!


        Count me in too .

        If I do manage to start something then I seem to not finish it. Granted, some of the things I would like to do I am not actually able to do, but mostly I just am not motivated to try. Like Pennstater, I have an AD to take, but I do not feel depressed. If anything I feel like I am just being lazy .

        I took Vit B-12 several years ago. I don't remember if it helped, but I think not, because when I went on a 'drug revolt' it was one that I quit and haven't started back on it. Maybe we all just need some B-12 to get us back motivated .



          I know what you mean about everything being 'blamed on depression', as I was afraid of the same stigma. However, my neuro actually recommended I take Celexa to help me focus, to help with every day pain, and help me to get more enjoyment out of things I 'can do'. He didn't feel I had clinical depression, but felt I needed a 'little' something to help motivate me and help me get going with activities I want to do.

          You might want to check out the MS Societies article on depression. A paragraph from that article is shown below, as well as the link.

          Depression does not indicate weakness of character and should not be considered something shameful that needs to be hidden. A person cannot control or prevent depression with willpower or determination; when depression occurs, it deserves the same careful assessment and treatment as any other symptom of MS. Left untreated, depression reduces quality of life, makes other symptoms—including fatigue, pain, cognitive changes—feel worse.

          Celexa works for me, but of course, as always, THAT IS ME, and others mileage may vary. There are also some more natural remedies for depression, check out the web and Tara's Forum here on MS World.

          I am sure others on here will have a lot more and a lot better advice to help you get through this problem.

          I hope you can find some answers.

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            Maybe I'll try some vitamins. It would be nice to get out of this slump that i'm in. I hope hat you find something to jump start you msgijo.

            Lol! I just got your name.


              It might be depression, but it also might be fatigue. Are you able to get more done after you've had some caffeine? Granted, caffeine only works for a few hours so you may be tired again in the afternoon but it's worth checking out. Also, I've found that exercising gives me a lot of energy, which is strange since I have almost zero when I start!

              I take Lexapro because I tend to get moody and mean (that's how my depression presents itself), but I have no get up and go until I've taken my Adderall. Good luck finding the perfect balance.
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                Dr neuro told me that because I'm depressed, my walking has declined. Like that was automatically going to help my walking or depression.

                I am so doctored out. Blah.


                  I know this is an old thread but wanted to bump it up.
                  Because tia must have read my mind!!
                  I have posted in General about my concerns.
                  My doc has prescribed paroxetine yesterday i took the first dose this morning.
                  I am a little concerned with a couple things- I asked the doc about it interacting with my current meds and if it could cause me any other concerns and he said no it would be fine.
                  There was no info in the pack so i googled it.
                  I am on Metoprolol for AF - it has 'uncommon' problems interacting with this drug. Though so far the dose of both is fairly low so maybe thats why he's not concerned.
                  My red blood cell count is a bit down and this can 'rarely' cause ITP. i'm supposed to get tested for this soon.
                  These small concerns made it a bit hard to 'make myself' take the first dose.
                  Hopefully thats progress. In a fortnight i may feel less 'dead' inside..?
                  Thanks for listening.
                  i do still find reading some of these older posts helpful.


                    At least Im not alone

                    I was afraid this was a just problem only I was facing every day. It didn't start happening regularly until a few days ago. I basically slept close to 48 hours straight because just the thought of being awake and out of bed was overwhelming. Last night was the first time in my 27 years that the people around me said they could honestly see I wasn't me emotionally I wasn't up beat at all was silent and reserved the complete opposite of the real me. Today
                    I woke up at 3 a.m. and the simplest of things every since has had me in tears all day. I swear I hate this disease it feels like I'm trapped on a never ending awful roller-coaster.

                    Sorry I got off topic I had to get this off my chest with people I knew might understand.


                      Hi Kyle4uk,

                      I’m sorry you’ve been feeling this way. I’ve also been there myself, in that deep dark hole.

                      MS is a jerk no one invited to the party but it shows up anyways, eats all the good chips with filthy hands and breaks all the good china. I wish I could get a restraining order against it. Unfortunately it won’t leave! 😒

                      Do you have any support groups in your area for MSers? I wish I could throw you a line and help tow you out of that abyss. I’d suggest contacting your doctor and letting them know where you’re at. Sounds like you need a line to help pull you out.

                      I got to the point a few years ago where I couldn’t leave my house. So I decided I didn’t want to live like that anymore and reached out to my doctor. I couldn’t do it alone anymore. And I saw a therapist and got on some Zoloft which helped with the anxiety that was plaguing me. And I started to get better as time went on.

                      Im glad you reached out on here and I hope you get the support you need to feel like yourself again. It’s not a good feeling losing ourselves to something we didn’t ask for. I wish you all the best and hope my rambling helped a little. *Hugs*. (The good kind not the jerk ms hug kind)

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