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Not sure if this is ms sx

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    Not sure if this is ms sx


    I have recently had an MRI of the spine and neck but haven't received the results nor have I gotten a dx yet.

    My question is this: Has anyone experienced confusion? or would this be categorized as memory deficit, or something else?

    For example, I was in the shower and I suddenly didn't know what I was supposed to do, it did come back after a minute or two while the water washed over me. On another occasion, I was stopped at the stop sign and didn't know what I was supposed to do ext...turn left or turn right and let's not forget, where was I going?)...and this is usually the route I take every time I go out? So, I turned left which turned out to be the wrong way! But I did eventually figure it out.

    However, these two scenarios really thru me for a loop. It really rattled me and I couldn't get these incidences out of my mine for some time afterwards. And they were just two of many others like it.

    Has anyone else experienced this? What does it mean? Is it an MS symptom??


    Hi artfan.

    Sorry that you are having these occurrences. Yes they will certainly throw you for a loop - and yes I have those moments too.

    The first time for me I was driving to work - same route I took every morning. Suddenly I had no idea where I was, where I was going ... and NOTHING looked familiar ! Since I had nowhere to turn around or pull off to stop at that time (except the side of the road) I continued to drive and after a minute or so I realized where I was. But talk about scared - I was terrified there for a second or so.

    It has happened numerous times since then and I have learned not to panic, just continue on and it will come back to me in just a minute. The hardest time I had doing that was once on the interstate (which is a route I used often) I got the feeling that I was going the wrong way. Not much of a problem, just hop off and get back on going in the other direction - right? Except that some of the exits in this area are like 30 miles apart . I was able to get logical (amazing I know) and see that the mile markers numbers were going up (the way I needed them to in order to get home) so I made myself continue driving. And I got home in spite of myself .

    I call it "getting lost" and yes I believe for me it is MS related.

    Otherwise the "normal" around the house confusion is there also. The best tactic for me is a very ridge routine in doing things. Thankfully my children are grown and my DH knows to not interrupt me when I am doing anything. Confusion still happens but thankfully nothing major has gone wrong.

    I had neuro phyc testing done earlier this year - a GOOD thing. I would suggest that you consider having that done. If nothing else it would set a baseline for you. It was suggested when I got those results that I could use a GPS to help with driving problems (but since I an 10 foot tall and bullet proof I disregarded that idea ).

    Sorry that I don't have more to offer you


      You tale sounds vaguely familiar. You should continue to seek out neurologists that have experience with treating cognitive function. This experience doesn't sound like MS but it could be. Hope you find some answers. Good luck