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    Walking Issue

    Hello all!

    I was diagnosed in 2011 and am currently on Tecfidera for treatment. I have recently noticed a walking issue that I've been trying to research and understand.

    When walking a distance, such as across a parking lot, I feel like I'm walking uneven. My right side is affected the most by my MS and this is the side that's bothering me while trying to walk. I feel like I'm dragging my right leg. I thought of foot drop because I do sometimes bend my knee and lift my leg high when I notice the issue. It's hard to explain but it's like a drag and a limp. I notice it more with distance, or going downhill.

    My neuro has me walk the hallway at every visit and never notices anything. I don't think it's enough of a distance for it to happen.

    Thoughts? Anyone dealing with this and know what I'm talking about? I want to discuss this more thoroughly at my next visit but I'm not quite sure how to explain.

    Yes I know exactly what you are explaining. Your Nero should too.
    Maybe they will try you on another DMT. For me the best way to explain it is foot drop for sure and a very interrupted gait.
    At night in the dark it’s even worse. If I take my eyes off where I’m going I’m done. Good luck.
    It was one agains't 2.5million toughest one we ever fought.


      I would request a referral to physical therapy, preferably with a gait specialist. You might have to call around to find someone on your insurance plan, but finding a good pt person makes all the difference. They pick up on little things like "your left shoe needs to be tighter."

      If it's going to be a while before your next appointment either contact them now or have your PCP refer you.

      I'm sorry that you are having gait/walking troubles and hope you can find someone to help you. I also agree that walking 20 feet isn't enough to pick up on less obvious problems.

      I wish you well...


        Hi Meg ~

        Gait disturbance (right leg drag and limp) was one of my earliest symptoms.

        I have foot drop (and wear an AFO).

        Leg drag can also be caused by weakness or by spasticity of certain muscles responsible for the swing phase of the leg while walking.

        I have both - extreme weakness at times, and spasticity at other times.

        Foot drop, weakness, and spasticity are all caused by impaired nerve signals.

        This is not uncommon with MS, and your neuro will know what you are describing, especially if he does a neurological exam to evaluate if you have foot drop, or weakness, or spasticity while performing certain leg movements.

        You could try doing daily leg and foot stretches, and see if they help some, until your neuro appointment.

        Take Care

        PPMS for 23 years (dx 1998)
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          I do this regularly, and only on the right side.


            Hi Meg,

            Gait disturbances are quite common with MS. This link gives more information:
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