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nausea and vertigo

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    nausea and vertigo


    Have had MS for over 10 years now, primary progressive.
    The other day I got so fatigued I felt like vomitting.
    Also today during an episode of dizziness I lost awareness of who I was and where i was.

    Has either happened to anyone here?

    No solutions please just similarities with anyone else



    Hi Tallndark: I have SPMS and have had MS for 10 years also. I have severe dizziness and nausea from a pontine lesion (brainstem). I take either Valium or Ativan for the dizziness and then I take Compazine for the nausea. I have tried the less drowsy Zofran, but it does not work for me. Talk with your neurologist about these medications as the benzodiazapines (Valium,Ativan) are the only real combatants for true CNS dizziness.

    Take care and let us know how it goes and how you are doing, OK?

    Disabled RN with MS for 14 years
    SPMS EDSS 7.5 Wheelchair (but a racing one)



      Thank you Lisa


        Hi tallndark

        MS started for me 17 years ago with severe vertigo, room spinning vomiting etc. like Lisa I have a pontine lesion. At its worst, I have been given Valium then transitioned to meclizine maintenance. The severe vertigo, thankfully, doesn't happen too often. Usually is my presenting symptom for my bad relapses.
        Day to day anything that disturbs my balance causes nausea and dry heaves. Even when my doctor just has me follow her finger with my eyes causes this. We have to stop for about 10 minutes til it calms down.
        Although I've had some cognitive issues when I'm tired, I've never experienced your other symptom. I'm sure that must Have been scary for you.


          Hi! I have also had the dizzies. Makes me sick. Sometimes when they come on if I even move my eyes things begin to go around. When it is really bad I think I can even hear my eyes when the move. I don't take anything for it even though I have a script for meclizine. Less pills the better, for me anyway. Have been dx for about 4 or 5 years now. The years grow together so rapidly.

          Your other little symptom has also happened to me. Although until now I have never spoken about it. I was driving home from our communities dump, we live in a real rural area and the dump is easy to get to--just one road in. Until you come out to the main road. On the way home I stopped at that road and couldn't figure out where I was, or which way to go. Is was so surreal. Like being there but not being there. Luckily there was no one around so I just sat there until my brain caught up to my self. Every time I come to that crossroad I think of that session. There have been times when I step on the gas instead of the break and times when I step on both. I am a writer and there are many times I cannot think of a word. I have to stop, close my eyes, see the object and relate to it until it, thankfully, the word finally comes.
          I wish you well and know that the boat you are in might occasionally need a little bailing, but we are all there to help you keep afloat!
          Take good care!