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    I'm totally overwhelmed and furious. Apparently, Lyrica is a "controlled substance" and there is some unknown agreement with veterans who are prescribed Lyrica that there will be no other "opioids" used whether VA prescribed or not. No context, legally prescribed & necessary pain meds will cause them to decline to supply Lyrica. I was required to go for a urinalysis, but they also took blood.

    I am in a world of pain right now - my neuropathy is pretty severe and Lyrica barely touches it. I just had my second cervical surgery in May, C3-7 posterior lam & fusion w/hardware. Recovery was brutal, pain immense, unable to use hands or feet. Codeine makes me itch so I can use Tramadol, which is now classified the same as oxycodone. I went to the neurosurgeon for back pain, he insisted on doing my neck first, then elective surgeries cancelled until May. I didn't want any more surgery but I have to have relief from my back pain, so tomorrow I have my second lumbar surgery, L1-L3. Previously fused L4-5.

    Went through my records to send my neurology notes for this latest surgery and sure enough, some Nurse Practitioner with the VA had all my meds in and out of the VA and the Tramadol script triggered the demand for the drug screen.

    Really? The latest MRI showed Very Severe Stenosis above the previous fusion. No context to this "rule", Tramadol was prescribed by a Pain Management Clinic, and they understand the pain involved. Apparently no allowance for major or minor surgical procedures. And the VA is paying a NP to review prescriptions.

    I have been on Lyrica for maybe 10 years. I still have to ice my feet although my dosage has increased to almost the max allowed, and I can't imagine life without it.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. The beaurocracy involved with .gov oversight is ridiculous sometimes. Can you file an appeal if the NPs review is not in your favor?
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      The VA has a long and tragic history of creating and supporting addicts. The fact that now they're "gun shy" and seek to avoid any bad publicity should not be surprising. I run into the same nonsense with the VA getting valium for sleep issues.

      I have to wonder if some doctor got into trouble for issuing "too many" prescriptions of addictive drugs.
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        I have been on Lyrica for years at the max dose and Prialt in my intrathecal pain pump so I can empathize with you. I am seen at the VA in Palo Alto CA and have had the same doctor since 2000 when I switched from Kaiser. My doctor has fought at least 2 times for my increased dose. I was a raging maniac before my dose was finalized. I hope the same happens to you.