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Solumedrol for hand numbness

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    Solumedrol for hand numbness

    Hello everyone,

    I have been on Tysabri for 3 years and have new hand numbness and tingling. My doctor had pml eliminated at this point so she has prescribed a 3 day course of solumedrol. When asking my infusion center if they administered solumedrol they said we were not to receive steroids while on Tysabri. I cannot find anything about them together. The infusion center did start my steroids today. I just want to know if you did steroids while on Tysabri what should I be aware of or aside from increased infection risk.

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    I had to postpone my infusion once because of solumedrol. I had to push it back a few weeks. Likewise, when on Prednisone for upper respiratory infection. Since steroids affect the immune system as well, it opens the door for other illness/infection. That is the risk.
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