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Tefidera reaction

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    Tefidera reaction

    I have been on Tecfidera for about 4 1/2 years. Now I have developed the usual reaction to it - Flushing with tingling on my face and scalp as well as itching redness on arms. No throat tightness of shortness of breath how ever. Some reactions are mild others severe.

    People have suggested baby aspirin (ASA 85mg). I have stopped taking Tecfidera and put in a call to the Treatment Nurse at the MS Clinic

    Anyone else have anything similar? I mean its been years since I started it (yes I got flushing when I took it)


    Hi NRJ,

    I really can't be of much help as I've never been on Tecfidera, but I thought I'd move your thread to the Tecfidera sub- forum in the Medication and Treatment forum. People who are on DMT's look there more often.

    Hopefully someone with experience will reply.
    I'm sorry you are having problems and hope the nurse can help you!
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      Tecfidera reaction

      I've been on Tecfidera for 5 years. I also experience extreme flushing very occasionally. It's so random. Can't really attribute it to anything I ate or how long after I ate that it occurred.
      It's so seldom that it doesn't bother me. Aspirin can help calm it down though. Overall my experience with Tecfidera hasn't been problem free. Occasional flushing can be managed but if this is new to you a call to your doctor is always a good idea.


        I didn't respond yesterday because I don't have much helpful info to contribute since I have no personal experience with Tecfidera. I hope someone with experience will come along and provide some perspective.
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          I've been on Tecfidera for 5 years. I noticed last year that I would start to flush on my face, chest, arms and it itched. Flushing was never an issue for me in the beginning. I think it was because I had gotten "lazy" with remembering to take the 2nd pill at night. Once I began taking them in the morning and evening, approx. 12 hours apart the flushing went away. Hopefully that helps!
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            A Newbee

            I just started Tecfidera 2 weeks. I experienced the flushing when I started the full dose. My doctor told me to take Bayer Aspirin about 30 minutes before I take my pill. I'm new at this, but it seems to be working. I hope, after a few months, to stop taking the aspirin. Sounds like you all still have flushing even after several years. Just the 1 time I experienced flushing, it was very uncomfortable. Red and itchy. Felt like my head was on fire. It seems like, no matter what DMD I'm on, something eventually goes wrong and I have to change to something different. I'm on my 4th med. I hope you get better results soon.