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Tecfidera = no flu ?

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  • dyin_myelin
    Sometimes the very young and very old survive virulent plagues because their immune system isn't up to launching a full-blown response?

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  • stewart
    started a topic Tecfidera = no flu ?

    Tecfidera = no flu ?

    Hi all - quick summary - diagnosed rrms January, straight to Plegridy, bad reaction, changed to Tecfidera. I've tolerated Tec well - now on month 5 with it - all good. However, twice my family have come down with flu stuff - right now I have wife and 3 children, all hit with the flu. However, KNOCK ON WOOD, I am hardly impacted by it. Slight sore throat and no more. They have everything - dizziness, throwing up etc... I would have thought taking immunosuppressant stuff would have suppressed my immune system and given me flu quicker and hit harder. That is most definitely not the case - this is second time I've weathered the storm on the flu. Does anyone have a medical explanation or idea of why ? Thanks - Stewart.