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Dry eyes and mouth?

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    Dry eyes and mouth?

    I have been on Tecfidera for years, since it came out for the most part. It has worked great for my MS, no flares since I've been on it. The problem I have had has been with dry eyes and mouth. I have scaring on my eye from the dryness.

    My mouth seems to get dry about 3-4 hours after each dose. It doesn't bother me that much but because of it I have had cavities for the first time in 20 years. I had braces 30 years ago and all of a sudden my teeth are starting to shift.

    I was wondering if anyone else was having these issues? I haven't changed anything else that I can think of so really feel it is from the Tec.
    Optic neuritis 1999.
    RRMS diagnosed 2007.
    Copaxone 2007 - 2013.
    Tecfidera June 2013 - present.

    Please check out 'Side Effect' thread in 'General questions and answers'. We have been discussing this there.
    If you would like to know more info than we've covered in that thread i'd be happy to give some suggestions that i have found helpful? And quite easy. To treat the dry eyes and mouth.
    But unfortunately i have no experience with Techfidera. But I think this can be a consequence of other drugs too.
    All the best.


      Yes! Especially the dry eyes. I've always suffered from dry eyes even before my MS diagnosis. Never much bothered me though. I would just use artificial tears. I too have been on Tecfidera for several years now. Recently my dry eyes have gotten worse. To the point where it feels like there is broken glass in my eyes it's so painful. Constant burning and feeling like there is something in my eye as well. My eyes look very red and scarred.

      The eye specialist I went to diagnosed me with scleritis which upon further research I found out is more common among people with autoimmune disorders. I was prescribed some steroid drops and oral steroids which seemed to help, but then it just kept flaring up again from time to time. Sometimes it's really bad and painful and other times it's not so bad, but rather more of an annoyance. I still use my artificial tears which I think help, but sometime have to revert back to the steroid drops when it gets really bad. So frustrating and really interferes with my job since I'm on the computer all day.

      Hope you are able to find some relief!!

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      ― Helen Keller


        hi lady bug.
        Am unsure about a couple of things.
        Redness isn't usually associated with Dryness. It is usually to do with some form of infection or irritant.
        scleritis? will have to google.Is prob the cause of redness.

        Have either of you had your 'dryness' rated?
        A small specially designed test strip in held in the eyes for a period and the amount of moisture absorbed by the strip is shown. Most 'normal' eyes have a level of 2 -4. My dryness level was 15 and quite painful. If my eyes were shut for any period the lid would literally 'stick' to the eyeball. My eyes also felt like they permanently had sand in them and i can't see very much if there is any glare around. Computer screens a terrible. And fluoro lights.
        I wanted to have corrective surgery but this was out of the question until i lowered this level because it increases the chance of infection and reduces healing.
        I used a variety of moisturising drops frequently while awake and any time i slept i would use the following routine. Smear vaseline with a cotton bud around the inside edges of the lids, squease a generous amount of eye gel under lids (top and bottom), place a water soaked cotton pad over each closed eye and a sleep mask over them to hold them in place.

        Drops weren't substantial enough while sleeping , but the gel made the grittiness worse if used during the day.
        This daily routine for about a year reduced one eye to a 7 and one to a 6 and they consented to operate. I still took longer to heal though.
        I only used antibiotic or inflammatory drops with infections because this actually increases dryness.
        I believe steroid drops would be even worse. Because this is an effect of all steroids no matter which part of our anatomy we apply them to.

        I tried many things that were recommended to me to find relief for many years but this routine i worked out for myself was the only thing that helped. And it cost very little. I no longer use the mask. I still monitor how they feel and alternately use the gel and drops. Only occasionally do i use the whole routine.

        The scarring/ripples across the surface of my eyes have smoothed. So maybe it may help you ladies too.
        I hope so.


          Yes...sort of. I get a dry cough about 3-4 hours after I take my morning dose. Can't say I get dry eyes though. I have complained of the cough but my dr. acted as if it wasn't possible - blamed it on allergies. I was on Tecfidera for 3 years, off for 6 months (Copaxone) and now back on it again the last 2 months. Since I have been off and on, I am positive the dry cough is from Tecfidera.