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MSLifelines is the worst

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    MSLifelines is the worst

    I was set up to receive Rebif pre filled syringes because the rebidose didn't work out for me. It caused me bodily harm. I had it all set up with my specialty pharmacy. Then MSLifelines stepped in screwing it up and I ended up with a box of Rebidose which I can't take and they say I have to pay for! And there's nothing they can do. But the worthless MSLifelines claim they will get it straight for me next month. It was already straight for this month! So in addition to having expensive medicine I can't take they have caused me additional stress by what they did. So why do those people think they are doing good for people with MS. They have totally done me damage; physically and financially. I was thinking of quitting Rebif because of bad side effects and now this. DOWN WITH REBIF AND MSLIFELINES.

    MS Lifelines Are Great

    I am so sorry you had issues with MS Lifelines. They were excellent for me and delivering my Rebif at no charge. I got my syringes and I do have an auto inject gadget which I never use. I just jab myself after freezing area and taking ibuprofen or acetominophen.

    I am eternally grateful to them as I was going through a tough spot at the time. They stepped right in. My Rebif was delivered as they said it would be. I used them twice.

    Thank God I am in a slightly better place now and get mine through my insurance now.

    Best to you


      That really sucks! I sure hope it doesn't happen to you again. My only gripe with MS Lifelines is that they still call me so much after being off Rebif for a year.
      Diagnosed with RRMS on 3/15/2013...beware the ides of March!
      Rebif from 5/2013 - 09/2014.
      Gilenya since 11/2014.
      Also taking vitamin D3, fish oil, magnesium, and B12.
      EDSS 3.


        MS Lifelines has been one of the best resources to me in the past 10 years. Switching insurance companies, doctors and whatever random new requirements are set by these companies per year is tough, the people at MS Lifelines not only helped me get prescriptions by most recently actually visiting my doctor and then faxing the insurance required info to the specialty pharmacy but they also cover my copay so I pay $0 for Rebif. They even sent me a box for free when I was between jobs for a month after a bit of paperwork.

        I hope you will give them another chance, you should be able to have an advocate assigned to you instead of anybody that answers and since moving to California I discovered that they have actual nurses on staff that will come visit you at home anytime you want which was not available in Texas.

        If Rebif is working for you, they're one of the best resources to keep it working. I personally don't suffer from the side effects that I know of (other than sleeping through a light flu 3 times a week) and have had really good fortune with MRI results with it.


          When I used Rebif MSLiflelines was great. They helpded me with everything. I had copay assistance. Never got it for zero. They were great to me. But they did call me after I had been off Rebif for a year. They took me off their list after they called that time.