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Injection site issues

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    Injection site issues

    I've taken Rebif for 11+ years and have had a few inj. site problems. I had my LAST injection on June 16 before I started Plegridy 2 week ago. The really odd thing is that a couple of days ago, that spot was extremely sore and hard, etc., more than 2 weeks later! It must be scar tissue or something, but am not certain. It is still painful to the touch or to bend over and when I stand up after sitting (it is in my stomach). This has not happened before.

    Has anyone had this problem and what should I do about it?


    I have been on Rebif for about 5 months and started having injection site issues about 3 months in. I get terrible, huge red welts, sometimes bruising, and they take FOREVER to fade. I had the same problem with Copaxone which caused me to discontinue it. I am really liking the Rebif, so I don't want to stop. Have my 6 month check up at the MS Clinic tomorrow, so we will have to address it. I think I can live with the spots if there is no long term issues...but wow, it's ugly. I've tried everything imaginable to reduce the redness, nothing seems to work.