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How long for body aches and headache to wane?

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    How long for body aches and headache to wane?

    im in week 21 of treatment in the 2nd full month of the full 44mcg dose. How long until feeling like garbage the day after wanes? I'd like to give it a fair shake but I'm increasingly concerned that it's doing more harm than good for me. Stiffening my quads, making everything sore and achey. I'm relatively newly diagnosed rrms and my worst symptoms have mercifully been a bit of low back tingling and a hot feeling on my skin that persists after showering. I had vertigo after a hard 5 k 18 months ago but nothing like that since.

    I'm trying to stick to Wahls Paleo at the same time and heal my gut so I'm not too keen on NSAIDs or the adding Tylenol to the liver threat of this drug.

    Given the efficacy numbers on Rebif at just 30 percent and what's being reported from AI Paleo and Wahls protocol studies I'm not sure what my patience level will be if this medicine may make me feel crabby and sore as heck nearly 40 percent of my week. My dad had ppms and I know first hand what awfulness it can deal and I'm glad to have a rrms DX where these options exist.

    I hydrate to the point of having sleep interrupted to go pee and have found a 5pm dosing helps put most of the pain and headache in sleep but just this weekend I was in bad shape for all of Saturday due to Rebif and that's not good either.

    Thanks for any shared experience with these side effects and if they ever fully waned for you. And when!


    Hi there! I started on it in August and slowly titrated to 44mcgs. I was soooo sick and we are going back to the 22mcgs. or we'll have to look into other options. I will tell you even with the 22mcgs. I had a few unpleasant reactions nut my Neuro wrote me out for a prescription of 500mgs. of Naproxen and reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally helped.

    Let me know how it goes for you as you continue. Very difficult drug and disease for us newbies.

    Hope you feel better

    Susie Q

    Diagnosed 6-28-14
    Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~Helen Keller~


      I took rebif for 18 months. I never got beyond the "icks".


        What did you switch to when you quit? Did that work better for toleration and symptoms? Thanks so much for the replies!


          Collin, are you feeling better on Rebif yet? I took it for over a year and I always felt awful. I just started gilenya on Monday. I am hopeful that this is the one!