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Bleeding at leg injection site

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    Bleeding at leg injection site

    Lately I have had a large amount of bleeding at my injection sites. I never have had any before, has anyone had this?. I have just taken my 192 shot.

    Another Rebifer!

    Hi Tellyanna

    I've been on Rebif since August diagnosed in June. I am using the auto-injector and had one night I actually hit a vein. Lots of blood. I have very little and am careful not to press too hard. If this is bothering you contact your MSlifelines nurse or dr. It may be something else.

    Let me know if you do. I just progressed to the 44mcgs and I got really sick. But my dr. has me taking 500 mil. of naproxen 1/2 hour before injection which has really helped.
    The fatigue right now is difficult. How have you felt taking the drug? I'm still pretty new to all this. Any comment would bee appreciated.

    My best,

    Diagnosed 6-28-14
    Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. ~Helen Keller~