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Plegridy and relapses

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    Plegridy and relapses

    Hi guys,

    I have tried multiple MS medications which include Tecfidera - could not tolerate the symptoms, Gilenya - white blood cell count dropped critically low. My neurologist wants to put me on Plegridy, but I wanted to know if anyone had problems with more frequent relapses. I am fairly new to this disease as I was only diagnosed with it 15 months ago. I am trying to keep my MS from progressing as much as possible.

    Please investigate the overcomingms site by George Jelinek- it has lifestyle changes that do matter a lot.


      Plegridy for 9.5 months

      Hi - I was Dx'd almost 1 year ago, and chose Plegridy as my first DMD. I've been on it since February, and my last MRIs at the end of August were stable (no changes) and I've had no relapses (crossing my fingers).

      I'm sorry you've had such a hard time with your first medications. Wishing you all the best.

      Cranial VIth Nerve Palsy (2008, 2014); Partial Myelitis (9/2015); RRMS Dx (11/18/2015); Plegridy (2/2016)


        The 2x/month injection is nice bonus with Plegridy. I highly suggest you drink LOTS of water for 2 days before injecting. I usually take Aleve one hour before the injection at night. Throughout the night I'll have really bad joint pain, flu-like symptoms, and body aches. That will mostly disappear by the morning when I wake up though.

        I have yet to have any new relapses so far on Plegridy, but different treatments work differently for each individual. It's all about finding what works best with your body and sticking with it until it doesn't, then finding a new treatment. Stay strong!