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Can I take Ocrevus every 4 or 5 months?

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    Can I take Ocrevus every 4 or 5 months?

    I've been on Ocrevus since it became available in the US. I'm a 70 yo male who had my first noticeable event on 1/1/2000 - what a way to start a century (please don't point out that 1/1/2001 is considered to be the first day of the 21st century).

    I've been taking DMDs since April 2000.

    Until this past year the 6 months between infusions worked well - I'd be stable until the last 30 days when I'd notice some progression.

    However this last year progression has started about 4 or 5 months after an infusion.

    During my early October infusion I asked Dr. R. if I could reduce the interval between infusions, She will be looking into this.

    Assuming I can take it, hoping my insurer will approve or I find a pot of gold, I'd appreciate hearing from all who can write about more frequent infusions.

    It's common to take Rituximab, the precursor to Ocrelizumab, on a schedule customized to the patient. My neurologist and I monitor the Leukemia marker blood work to ensure there's no CD20 repopulation. I'm now trying to go a full year between infusions.

    You're on the other end where you desire more frequent infusions. Again, withRwith this would be rather easy, but Ocrelizumab is handled exactly the same way. Your neurologist writes the script for every 4 or 5 months and it goes through the insurance approval process. I know a few people that get Ocrelizumab infusions every 5 months.

    Your neurologist is going to be the key to this process. First, there going to have to agree with you and write the script. Second, they are most likely going to have to justify it with the insurance company. It definitely can be done and I hope things go well for you.

    If not, you might look at Ofatumumab which was just recently approved. It's a monthly self-injection that also depletes b-cells. In theory, a monthly depletion should keep your b-cells from repopulating better than Ocrelizumab.

    I wish you well...



      Thanks. I will send the essence of your message to my neuro.


        My neurologist has my Ocrevus scheduled every 24 weeks instead of 6 months. It’s just 2 weeks sooner, but then when the appointment gets on the schedule it’s another week earlier. So I’m pretty close to 5 months. There has been no problem with Medicare paying for it.

        He said most patients are seeing a drop off in benefit from the drug before the 6 month mark.