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    Why Switch?

    Due to his retirement, I have a new neurologist. I have been self-injecting Avonex for 21 years with stable MRI's and little progression. However, Ocrevus was introduced as an option to consider.

    I am now in my early 50's; on SSDI (due to fatigue and cognitive issues mostly), and thankful for my weekly pokes on Avonex. Avonex has been working for me. But, is Ocrevus superior?

    What questions should I ask before switching? Thanks, in advance, for your input.
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    Hi dm. I am in a similar situation. I've been on copaxone for around 20 yrs and my disease has been fairly stable no relapse or new disease activity since I've been on the copaxone.

    Last year because of some of the comments on this board I started to think that maybe I should think about switching to something stronger like occrevus. I asked my Neuro about it and he said that he thought since my mri showed no new activity for years that I should stay on the copaxone.
    I am very happy staying on a medication that works for me, has no side effects and requires minimal effort or worry from me.

    If you feel like your current med is working why switch?


      I'm sorry I do think it's worth looking into.

      I'd ask if it will improve your symptoms.

      I'd also want to know the downsides of the treatments. Are there side effects? What kind of tests will you need to do?

      Good luck with whatever you decide!


        It may be exceedingly wise to wait a few months for Cladribine (Mavenclad) if there is no pressing need to switch meds.

        This new (in the US) treatment has several impressive advantages over Ocrevus and other MS DMTs. You may want to wait a few months because with 38 countries already having approved it, the FDA is bound, IMO, to approve it for MS in 2019.

        FDA Accepts File for Cladribine Tablets as Potential Treatment for Relapsing Forms of Multiple Sclerosis