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My experience - Ocrevus dose 1a

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    My experience - Ocrevus dose 1a

    Went for my first infusion last weekend at Stanford, here is my experience so far.

    In short it was straightforward, no reactions, and after 4.5 hrs we were returning home.

    Similar protocol as I’ve read on posts from others:
    -Tylenol caplets 625mg
    -Benadryl IV 25mg (made me loopy)
    -solu-medrol IV 100mg

    Then the Ocrevus.

    I didn’t have any infusion reactions. No flushing, tingling, etc. The infusion was over 3.5 hrs from the time I was seated in the infusion chair. Then they observed me for an hour to make sure no late reactions came on.

    My wife joined me there as my designated driver for the ride home, she brought some knitting to keep busy. Unfortunately her chair was not as comfortable as mine! She had packed some food & water for us for when we got hungry. While she was knitting I did some reading during the infusion.

    The only issue I had that day was the residual tired feeling from Benadryl. Nothing else. Felt rested after an hour nap and then did 30 mins of yoga that afternoon.

    Have been fine since and resumed all normal activity.

    All the posts I read from others telling of their experiences helped me greatly, so I write this in hope that it helps someone else on their path.

    I will report again when I go back in just over a week for 1b. Thanks for reading.

    Thanks for sharing! Very glad to hear how well your infusion went!!
    DX 3/2018; started Ocrevus 3/30/18 (EDSS 2.5)

    "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day."
    - 2 Corinthians 4:16


      That’s good Misterman. Hope everything goes well. Thanks for letting us know. There is getting to be a number of us on that drug now. We’ll see how it unfolds. Stats say it slows progression down by 25%.
      I’ll take what ever I can get. Good luck.
      It was one agains't 2.5million toughest one we ever fought.


        Second half dose last weekend

        Hi all, thanks for your comments and support.

        I had my second half dose last weekend and it was the same as the first. Same protocol, no reactions, a little less sleepy this time from the Benadryl and was fine once that wore off.

        I’m loving the “low maintenance” experience so far, and the absence of flu-like symptoms, injection site reactions, and occasional blues I experienced regularly from INF.

        Will wait to see how this unfolds. Dr. Vollmer in his April ‘17 Ocrevus video indicated it is in full effect around three months in, and if I heard right - “feeling better” (for RRMS, which is my diagnosis) tends to show after a year or so. Here’s the link:

        I’ll update again if anything noticeable changes if or me but I’m guessing it’s too soon...though, who knows!


          Just to add my 2 cents:

          I had my Ocrevus first infusion yesterday. Transition from Gilenya. Standard protocol. So far, no adverse reactions. I'm feeling pretty good today. Hope it lasts. Good luck to others.


            Welcome aboard the O train, Brad


              I had my second dose yesterday. It was the same protocol. I was able to take a short nap this time. No adverse reactions. I'm hoping for the best. I'm coming off a bad relapse which has pretty much left me bed ridden. I want to start walking again!


                Originally posted by Brad1138 View Post
                I'm coming off a bad relapse which has pretty much left me bed ridden. I want to start walking again!
                I hope you’re walking again soon!


                  ThAnk you!

                  Thanks so much for this post. I had my first O treatment yesterday! So much better than I thought - got an itchy hive liked rash on back and lower abdomen but it was quickly resolved with more benedryl. Whew... went home and slept - then wired awake but not too anxious.
                  all in all good experience and this is coming from a very anxious to take anything newly diagnosed with MS person.
                  Anyway, your post helped me out so much before I went in & I just wanted to say thank you....


                    Welcome, Spacecake!

                    The posts in this forum helped me a great deal as I was deciding and preparing for the switch to Ocrevus, glad you found them helpful too 😊


                      hi guys thanks for posting im about to or thinking about starting soon i just had the blood work and see how the results go then start keep posting, I want my miracle Craig


                        Craig I hope your tests come through for you, good luck!