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    Originally posted by shimjockey View Post
    It's all done with fingers crossed KoKo, I'm scientific that way. Happy weekend!
    I hear ya, my friend.

    Happy weekend to you as well!
    PPMS for 25 years (dx 1998)
    ~ Worrying will not take away tomorrow's troubles ~ But it will take away today's peace. ~


      , The sun is out!


        Good morning
        3 years later and still doing great on Mayzent. No relapse, just a few days here and there where i might not feel 100%. The only "concern" right now is my white blood cell count is lower so my neuro wants to keep an eye on it every 3 months but as of right now no plan to switch medications. I did have some liver enzyme count issue but with diet and exercise (i've lost 56 pounds since April) it went back to normal. Keep us updated!
        Dx March 2018; possible first episode: August 2011
        Tysabri May 2018-June 2019, Mayzent July 2019


          It warms my heart to hear how you're doing Jennaly16. I did in my starter pack this morning and feel ready for the full dose in the morning. Losing 56 lbs. is incredible. You must feel like you're floating! Thanks for sharing how great you''re doing!