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Lemtrada and a two month sore throat and cold like symptoms

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    Lemtrada and a two month sore throat and cold like symptoms

    Hi everyone!

    Havent been on here in awhile because of a busy summer. Over this summer I've been feeling like I'm getting a cold and it never fully develops but those symptoms stay with me. My throat is a bit sore, my voice will crack and I have to clear it, I cough occasionally and recently it feels like I'm starting to get a sinus infection. I can feel that pressure type feeling in my sinus area.

    So I called my ms one to one nurse because 2 months of this is just weird. She said maybe it's because my immune system is weak, go see my doctor or neurologist.

    Saw my doctor today and she said a virus doesn't act that way, it would have gotten worse etc. So maybe it's a side effect?? No real answers there.

    Called the ms clinic to ask my neurologist but it was closed for the day. Has anyone else experienced this? I want it to just go away already!!

    thanks in advance!

    PS: other than that I feel like I've been pretty good post Lemtrada. Had my first infusion in January.
    DX 2005 RRMS. Did 2nd round of Lemtrada Jan 2018. DX SPMS 2019

    I have not encountered this.

    I've had year1 and year2 treatments.


      Really sorry for your predicament. I completed the first round of Lemtrada at the end of January, this year. Keep trying to get well! Good luck


        Thanks for the replies and well wishes. I didn't call my neurologist today cause it's hard for me to reach out but my voice keeps cracking and my throats hurts. I'm going to call tomorrow and see what they say.
        DX 2005 RRMS. Did 2nd round of Lemtrada Jan 2018. DX SPMS 2019