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Starting Lemtrada soon

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    Starting Lemtrada soon

    I will be starting Lemtrada after all the pretesting. And not sure what to expect. Alot of fear involved. I welcome anyones experiences.

    Hi maggieme,
    I saw your post and I have to respond. I had the infusions at my neurologists offices around January of this year. It has been a few months since my 5 day infusion and I am thrilled with the outcome. I feel better, today, than I have felt in the 7 years since I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2010 ! Now that you have committed to the treatment, there is only one thing that I will suggest. Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink as much WATER as you can stand! I am sure that you have already heard that. Good luck !


      Hi maggieme, lemtrada seems to have helped a lot of people with MS, I had my first 5 infusions back in October last year but so far no miracle for me, my neurologist is talking about bring my next infusion forward a few months and hope that helps. During my first 5 infusions I lost the use of my right side completely for about 12 hours, had the shakes real bad but thanks to my Neurologist taking the time to talk to me, inform me of what might happen during the treatment I never panicked, when things went wrong I just went with the flow and let the experts sort things out Talk to your doctors and ask any questions you can think of, take some lollies "sweets" to suck on for the steroids, take a good book and don't drive afterwards Craig


        I had the year1 5 treatments July 2015 and year2 3 treatments July 2016. It has not stopped my disability progression but with PPMS you never know if it helped slow it down.

        A bunch of us documented our experiences in this thread.

        Keep us updated as you go thru it.
        Best wishes!