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    I'm going back to D.C. to speak again about my continued very good experience with Lemtrada.

    I know not every medicine works for everybody, but I want to continue to push for more options for MS people such as Lemtrada.

    Any thoughts let me know.... thanks.

    Thanks for advocating for us all, Spacedive/Harold. This must mean we're just a few weeks away from a decision. Let us know how it goes!


      I wish I could tell them my story too. Pi have written a letter to them about Lemtrada maybe I will do that again.

      Lemtrada has given me Years of function back- literally turned back my symptoms 5-7 years (11year diagnosed). Maybe most importantly to the Federal Govt it has allowed me to stay employed and not takeout disability.

      But to do this I had to spend my own dime to get the treatment abroad & take some risks with travel home so recently after ablating my immune system. No regrets there but not everyone who needs tmt is able to do that.

      I really hope they approve. I don't see how they can afford not to in the face of all the international approval.

      If we can help in any way- send you a list of our before/after exp, write letters, anything please let up know what would be most helpful



        I think bullet statements that I can write on my 3x5 cards.

        Some of which I may say others I could skip depending upon how things go during my speech. Like nervous and stuff.

        I'm not sure who my audience is yet because last year I spoke to the FDA committee, After that they voted 14-0 in favor of Lemtrada. I do know this year 300+ in D.C. will be there.