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Generic Copaxone Approved by the FDA

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    I'll cross my fingers for you, Jim.


      Generic Copaxone / Glatopa Phamacy Fun :-)

      Called to reorder Copaxone today (20mg user for 7 years) and the system kept freezing up (Accredo-Express Scripts) Accredo was advised to refill all 20mg scripts with Glatopa, however, Express-scripts insurance says those with active Copaxone prescriptions will continue until the presecrition runs out.
      Evidently the computer didn't know what to do with the conflicting orders.
      A supervisor finally approved the delivery of this month's shipment of Copaxone... I can see this will be a fun year.
      Waiting to hear from others if the Glatopa has any problems healthwise or financial before deciding if I'll switch to 40mG Copaxone next year or move on to Glatopa.


        I'm on 40 mg but my Dr told me last time I was in that the 20 mg was out in the generic and if I would mind if I switched. I told him I didn't. Accredo hasn't mentioned it to me yet but when the time comes I will make the change.

        I have noticed that last November when I began taking Copaxone my insurance was supposedly paying $7,000 a month for it but my last EOB says they are now paying $5,000 something. A last minute bargain before the generic begins to rule the roost?


          Generic Copaxone-3rd time in 1 year I have had to change the prescription

          When I started Copaxone last August (2014) I was put on the 40mg 3 times a week with zero co-pay. This March I changed jobs but kept the same insurance co., I was denied the 40mg dose and had to change to the 20mg dose with a co-pay. I just called to order my monthly C and was told I needed to change to generic C or get a new prescription from my doctor validating why I could not take the generic version. I will still have a co-pay. I asked what the price of generic was-the answer: $5000.00/mo. It has been discouraging, my preference would be an injection 3x/wk, but apparently that is not factored in by the insurance company. On the positive I am thankful to have a small co-pay compared to the cost of the medicine.


            Some are already doing just that

            Originally posted by its2much View Post
            companies don't want us to switch back to the 20mg in the generic form. Can they do that?
            I'm pretty sure that's why some insurance companies are already only paying for the 20 mg- in anticipation of a generic version. What I find very disturbing is that the generics are not going to be exactly what Copaxone is. All generic DMD s cannot even be called "DMD" (I can't remember what they are going to be called, but you can look it up). The make up of these drugs is so complex, the generic form will not be [B]exactly like Copaxone, and the rest of the disease modifying drugs. We're talking about peoples' brains/spinal cords/eyes... [I]the central nervous system. It's taken a long time for MS to have treatment that slows the progression of the disease- if not halting it altogether. I, personally, am not content to change anything in a drug that is working.

            Yes, the cost of the drug is extremely high. The cost to make/produce the drug is also astronomical. I stated in another post, that I was told by 2 shared solution nurses that if insurance companies will only pay for 20 mg Copaxone- Teva will still provide the 45mg, with the cost being based on income. I believe the reason there was initially a 7 day regimen was b/c after x amount of years, the patent runs out which makes way for a generic type drug. With a 3 day regimen, the patent starts at the beginning again, and we have at least another 15 years to use a pure form of Copaxone.

            I was given the 20 mg dose at no cost prior to having insurance. I now have Humana medicare advantage, and no copay.

            I would like feedback/opinions regarding the generic drugs.
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