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Does anyone take Generic Copaxone?

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    Generic Copaxone

    I have been taking Glatiramer Acetate for the past 13 months. I hadn't noticed any difference from the Copaxone I had taken for many years. But a month ago, I started a flare. It is still ongoing. Never had a flare last this long before. Don't know if this is natural progression or due to the difference in medications. It was necessary to change meds due to a change in my insurance.


      Wow Stella Jean I'm so sorry that you're having problems!

      How long were you on copaxone before they made you switch?
      It does seem a little suspension that you are having problems now! Were you having relapses on the copaxone?

      I hope you're relapse ends soon!


        Leenyi, Thank you for your support.I had been taking Copaxone successfully since 2006? I had a few relapses on Copaxone, only 2 sent me to the hospital. Others were more mild. I had to switch to generic 13 months ago. I have had periods of increased pain and double-vision, but they only lasted about a week in the past. Since the middle of January I have had lots of pain. Trigeminal neuralgia on both sides of my head. My double vision has been more troublesome. This is breakthrough double-vision, as I have prisms in my glasses to eliminate it. It is more disorienting. I have almost fallen many times. I am not sure I can blame this on the generic. I have also been sick for 2 months off and on with upper respiratory infections.


          Freezing and chills after injection

          Originally posted by LisaL77 View Post
          Well, it was bound to happen. My insurance threw down the gauntlet and forced my hand at taking the generic. My neuro called in Mylan Glatiramer Acetate. Getting off the ground with this stuff was a nightmare, not nearly as smooth as Copaxone. I had to hand hold the whole process the whole way. I had to ensure the specialty pharmacy had a pre-authorization for both the injections and the injection device. That was early January. I got the medication first.

          I finally got the injection device, but not before my nurse neighbor taught me how to manually inject. So, now I manually inject, because the injection device is actually more complicated than it's worth. I have to make an appointment for injection training, but had bronchitis for a month, so I told her to postpone. A couple things: I am shocked to say this, but I have had NO LUMPS, NO ITCHING from this generic. I had a site reaction each Copaxone injection, but NOTHING with this one. I was shocked. I still get the chills after I inject, but that happened with Copaxone anyhow. I am a month in, and praying I do not develop an allergy to this medication. Right now,

          I am battling with the specialty pharmacy as they are trying to collect $3k from me, even thought I have spoken to them 3x about the copay assistance that was verified already. The level of service is not as good as Copaxone, and the process seems fractured and disorganized, but I am pleased with the lack of itching and lumps.
          LesaL77 I had been suffering with the "freezing" episodes for 2 years. First on Copaxone, then Glatiramer. The pre-filled syringes are packed with a little bit of air in them. I discovered if I press the plunger and expel the air bubble before injecting, I do not have the freezing attacks after injection. Worth a try.

          Talk to your doctor first, if you are unsure about doing this