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Switching from Copaxone to Gilenya?

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    Switching from Copaxone to Gilenya?

    I'm 55 years old, female and Dx with RRMS in 2011. Started on Copaxone daily changing to 3x a week when it came out. Other than the first few months, I've had no issues with Copaxone though I do get tired of injections. Honestly, over the past six months, I've missed 1-2 injections a month in part because of needle fatigue and because I have a bit of OCD and hate the Copaxone tracker ap that only shows the last two sites used. When they sent the paper planners, I would use each site area once before starting over again ensuring that in most spots I didn't restick a spot more than once every few months.

    My MRI last month showed three new small lesions, two of them enhancing. They are the first new lesions since 2011 and I do have a small lesion load and few symptoms (mostly fatigue, memory issues, occasional dizziness, heat sensitivity). With the new lesions, my neurologist has said that he feels the Copaxone is no longer being effective and wants me to change to Gilenya.

    He didn't ask about my injection habit with Copaxone and I was so tired (pm appointment) and surprised by the new lesions after all this time that I didn't think to discuss this. I'm scheduled to start Gilenya on Friday but have concerns about the safety and side effects in comparison to Copaxone. Actually I'm scared silly and trying to decide whether to back out.

    Is it possible that my missing 1-2 doses a month led to the new lesions rather than the Copaxone not being effective? For those who have switched from Copaxone to Gilenya, which do you prefer and why?

    Copaxone to gilenya

    I don't think so. I switched to gilenya from Copaxone a couple months back. No new lesions but 2 he said had increased in size. People will say Copaxone is less effective but I really liked it.


      I switched from Copaxone to Gilenya because I was having some severe allergic reactions to copaxone (the injection reactions would cause my temp to go up to 103, I had one time when I couldn't breathe). Gilenya has been amazing. I have now been on it for 4 years and have just had my 4th unchanged MRI. It is really easy to remember to take and I have not noticed any side effects personally. I like you have a very small lesion load at the moment and have minor symptoms comparatively. It really has changed my life for the better to be taking this one pill instead of the copaxone shots. Also for reference, I was on betaseron for my first 8 years of MS, then copaxone for 1 year, and now GIlenya and Gilenya has been the best by far.


        I have switched from Copaxone to Gilenya.

        I prefer Gilenya because it has been a lot more effective in me (in terms of a significant reduction in new lesion formation).

        Also I don't have any side effects with Gilenya (other than lower white blood cell count). I used to get a LOT of injection site reactions with copaxone. (I wouldn't have minded the site reactions if Copaxone had stopped the relapses).

        I was diagnosed 17 years ago, and have also tried Avonex, Betaferon & Copaxone over the years - and Gilenya has easily been the most effective drug for me. (I guess everyone's body is different, though.)

        Good luck with your decision and all the best