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Does Anyone Know How Much this Drug Costs?

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    Does Anyone Know How Much this Drug Costs?

    Does anyone know what it would cost to use Gilenya, if one was paying out-of-pocket???!!!

    Cost for Gilenya

    I was just wondering what the cost range was for Gilenya?
    Thanks in advance.


      Your best bet is to call them directly at 1-800 GILENYA (1-800-445-3692). . You'll get answers straight from the source, including information on getting the drug free of charge if you have no insurance or are underinsured.

      Good luck, and please keep us posted!
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        it is up to 4K a month
        my insurance covers but it is an ethical delima for me


          Wow! And I thought Ampyra was expensive at $1,100 a month.
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            I was told it went down to $30,000 per year in Australia. Thank god it is on the pharm benefits list with only the chemists admin fee of $30 per month to pay.


              WE get it thru the VA Hospital, and was told $4000 a month. Thank goodness its free to us, we would never be able to afford it..


                For any technical geeks out there, the VA has a great cost/benefit analysis of Gilenya and the other drugs at
                the VA website. I can't seem to post the link but if you search "Fingolimod Gilenya Monograph VA" you should see it.

                The cost per year is $2900/month, compared with Avonex ($1100), Tysabri ($1400), Copaxone ($1200) and all others are listed. It does show, however, that the cost per attack is less than its comparator drugs.

                My husband is in the VA hospital right now about to receive his first dose (they are requiring a 48-hour in-patient stay).


                  @ Laughter28 - Please note that those must be VA costs for the drugs. My Copaxone out of pocket cost would have been $ 3,297 per month without insurance, and Betaseron was in the same price range.

                  I've been told that Gilenya is about $ 4,000 per month without insurance. They do, however, have a financial assistance program which I just qualified for to get it for free. (I have a $ 2,000 per yr. cap on my prescription coverage.) Now I have to pass all of the pre-screening appointments before I can get started.


                    Cost of Gilenya

                    Originally posted by jazzgirl View Post
                    Your best bet is to call them directly at 1-800 GILENYA (1-800-445-3692). . You'll get answers straight from the source, including information on getting the drug free of charge if you have no insurance or are underinsured.

                    Good luck, and please keep us posted!
                    I called and was asked all sorts of questions about insurance and type. I found it upsetting and hung up... My insurance is through State of IL and couldn't answer their questions. Will have to call back, then, when I'm in more control of my emotions, which seem to be all over the place at times. Thanks for your advice. Will let you know what I find out.


                      Sorry you are having a difficult time. It was quite a process for me.

                      I knew I had the $ 2,000 cap, but Novartis still had to follow-up with my insurance, and then appealed it twice before they would see if I could qualify to APPLY for the financial assistance program. (They will need your estimated annual income to see if you can apply) Then once I qualified to apply, I had to complete the application, provide my last year's tax return and submit it to my doctor's office to be submitted to Novartis's Financial program.

                      With the appeals and all, the process took me about 2 and 1/2 months total. Now I have to have the pre-screening appts.

                      Be patient and don't stress about it. Take another go at it when you are in a better frame of mind. Good luck.


                        I freaked out initally about the cost of Copaxone ($7k a month!) But the Shared Solutions put me in touch with AssistRX that asked me for my tax return and recent pay stubs. The end result is me getting a free year supply of the drug. There are solutions out there. it just may take some digging. My insurance would not cover the drug at all. and I have a $1k max


                          @ KittahNY - I think you may have been given incorrect information on the out of pocket cost on Copaxone.

                          As of three months ago, the out of pocket (no insurance) rate for Copaxone was between $ 3,000 and $ 4,000 depending on your pharmacy.

                          Looks like the current rates for Gilenya are between $ 4,000 and $ 5,000 per month.


                            If you want to know what any drug costs ask your Pharmacy Benefit Manager. Each PBM will have specific prices. For example, someone posted the price of Tysabri at the VA is $1400, the price of Tysabri last month at Curascript was over $3500 so obviously there can be significant differences in price depending on your insurance and PBM.
                            The price of Gilenya and every other MS drug will vary similarly. However, I would expect prices to be in a tighter range outside the VA.

                            At Curascript the price of Gilenya is competitively priced to Tysabri so out of pocket cost would be $3500 to $4000. Of course, drug cos have a divine right which they exercise each year and often twice a year to raise prices so naming a price is like hitting a moving target; it could cost more.

                            Part of the blame is on consumers. Normally, we only care about price when our co-pay is affected. How many people are on a med and have no idea how much it costs specifically for them? Little wonder there are so many price increases, there is no resistance. We need not worry about it but just being aware of price helps strengthen consensus against raising prices, IMO.

                            When the new meds, such as BG-12 come out this year, they likely will be priced nearly identical to Gilenya and Tysabri, just as Gilenya was priced nearly identical to Tysabri at introduction.

                            You have the right to know and your drug provider has the obligation to inform you of your drug cost, all you have to do is ask whoever is sending the drug to you, or whoever is sending it to your doctor.

                            Best Wishes!


                              My Copay for copaxone is

                              50% which means the 2012cost to me is over $2100 per month. I contacted Shared Solutions for their copay assistance program - they will give a max of $500 per month towards one's copay - I still can't afford it. Any suggestions for help?