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Other injection sites?

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    Other injection sites?

    I currently use my thighs and my stomach. I can’t and won’t use my arms. (Tattoos and also can’t really explain the red bump it leaves) can’t use my sides (tattoos).. so since I’m down to 3 places I’m worried I’ll eventually run out of places. What are some other injection sites you guys have used? Thanks

    Hi someone33,

    There are actually 7 possible injections sites for Copaxone.

    Have you tried the fleshy areas of the hip, below your waist? (I just always thought of it as the buttocks area.) Same area used for other shots. I could do it there by myself using the autoinjector, and viewing the site in a full length mirror.

    You can Google "injection sites for Copaxone" to see the area, since it doesn't work when I try to post it.

    My arms are too skinny, so that wasn't a great area for me, either. I also understand what the mean by "bumps." More like a hard lump or itchy welt.

    Best of luck

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      I’ve tried the area on my hips, but I’m tiny. (5 feet and 98 it is basically going into bone. I was thinking about just trying my butt since I actually have a little padding there. Or maybe the sides of my thighs?


        I am small like you and could never use my thin arms. Stomach, thighs and buttock worked well, but never thought to try the side of my thighs.
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          Im definitely going to try my butt. Not sure if I’ll keep doing it, but next time I’m going try outside of my thighs. The inside of my thighs are ticklish so idk how that would feel.