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Injection Blues

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    Injection Blues

    I've spent some time pouring through the threads here looking for advice; lots of great tips and it's comforting to know others experience the same things. I'm just finishing up my first month on Copaxone and getting all the site reactions. Lumps, bumps, bruises, redness, itching. Yikes, what a pain. I've also decided, as of today to switch time of day from morning to evening. ( mornings are just too much of a scramble). I am using the Autoject but wondering if manual would cause less site reactions. Yesterday's injection was the worst-(arm) huge red itchy welt, now bruising. SS nurse suggested I wasn't going deep enough, but going from 8 to 10 seems worse, and I'm assuming one needs to adjust according to the location.Going to the drug store for some anti-itch cream now. Any preferred brands? I'm playing around with the depth right now, but the reactions really only started about week three. Hoping this gets better!

    Hey. I'm sorry to say that my injection site reactions only got worse. My arms and legs were the worst. After several months I could only inject my abdomen and butt. My arms and legs had no sites left. I do have sensitive skin so hopefully you'll have more luck. I tried everything. Dreaded switching to another med with more side effects

    I never used the auto inject until I switched to beta seton. I prefer to do the shots myself though. The auto inject was more painful for me. Since being on beta seton I have few site reactions but I've had sore throats, fevers, shingles, pneumonia, and pleurisy. Don't know if it's related but seems too much of a coincidence.

    Frustrating. Want to slow the MS but the daily issues from the meds are too much sometimes. I've got enough with the MS.


      I've always used the manual injection technique. I never could figure out that Auto-ject, plus I use that nice navy blue ziptop as a travel bag for all my other medications!

      I used Copaxone for 6 years, then stopped because the co-pay was too high, and didn't use any DMT for several years. Then I switched to orals.

      After I had a very low heart rate with Gilenya - so low I couldn't stand up - and then terrible abdominal cramping and diarrhea with Aubagio, I decided to go back on Copaxone.

      So now I have hardly any Copaxone/injection blues because for me the alternatives were worse.

      I too choose to inject in the evenings, and I have never had itching (maybe I sleep through it!) though I sometimes have sore red bumps for a while. And after 6+ years, I do have some "divots" (lipoatrophy) in my legs and belly, but I gave up bikinis and beauty contests long ago so I can live with this.

      I find the arms the most painful site, and the most likely to turn into a tender red lump. So I inject one side of my stomach one day, the other side the next day - effectively turning my stomach into two injection sites, not one. Then I inject only one arm each week - left side one week, right side the next.

      It's not what the package recommends, but it works for me.


        If you've read through previous posts you probably have found my Copaxone technique, but if not...

        - sterilize with baby bum wipes vs alcohol swabs to cut the sting

        - big pinch the site and I manually inject right into it

        - this has been the best tip I've ever tried, sounds weird but it works... push down with your finger on that bump that forms for approx 30 seconds

        - ice

        - apply Benadryl cream

        I'm 5'8", 125 lb so not a lot of fat to inject into. I don't have one single permanent lump or site I can't inject into. I've been on Copaxone for 7 years in Aug.

        I really hope you find a good method. Keep trying, it took me approx 6 months to perfect it!

        RRMS 2005, Copaxone since 2007
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          Tried the Benadryl cream last night-worked wonders. The worst for me is also arms. Did my left arm three days ago and there is still a huge itchy red welt there. I know it's a process. I shall persevere!


            Your title caught my eye.

            I understand the blues. It's no fun to inject, whether it's 3X or 7X per week. It is painful as skin gets hard spots, is sore, has welts etc. No itching at injection sites, but I've had the miserable experience of an intense itch on my feet that is an MS symptom or whatever.

            So it's not like I don't get what it is to itch. I've tried every itch cream, gel, lotion, etc. There is nothing that works for me, but I think you will find the right product to reduce itching from injections. Cortizone products might help. Just a cool compress might also help. Good luck with the struggle.
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              I don't know if this will help or not buy I apply heat for 5 minutes rather then the suggested 1 minute and then apply ice for 5 minutes as well. You may want to give it a try.


                I too developed lipoatrophy all over my butt from Copoxane (last fall - immediately stopped the medication). For people that developed lipoatrophy years ago - has it gotten better with time? Worse? Stayed the same? Am looking into a BBL fat transfer.