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Copaxone - Injection Site Reactions/Lipoatrophy Reversal?

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    Copaxone - Injection Site Reactions/Lipoatrophy Reversal?

    Hi Everyone--

    I've tried to do multiple searches on the threads to see if anyone found of a way to reverse the lipoatrophy caused by the copaxone injections. I just stopped copaxone because of it and I wish I stopped it sooner. I didn't mind the shots as much and I put arnica gel on it after the injection so it never really itched or anything. I haven't had any relapses, besides being severely fatigued all the time which has become the norm for me.. So overall I was pretty happy with copaxone, except the lipoatrophy.

    I have big indents on the back of my arms and butt (butt wasn't an approved injection site, but my neuro ok'ed it since I don't have a lot of fat on the other approved sites). I am waiting to be put on tecfidera, but in the mean time I'd LOVE to find a way to make the unevenness of my skin go back to normal. It's so bad on my butt that you can see the indents through my yoga pants! I'm fairly slim and to have those indents in my butt is really annoying. I stopped doing the injections on my arm 10 months ago because it got so bad that people were asking what was on my arms because they looked so bruised and indented.

    If anyone knows of ways that will help the lipoatrophy, I would really appreciate the help! Thank you!!!

    Someone once told me the indentations were permanent. I've been off Copaxone for three years and I still have them, though they might be a little bit better (I can't tell). Sorry!
    With love, jade.
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    - Romans 8:28


      Just ideas - no known process

      Just to share two thoughts, my sister also is self conscious about the dents on her butt. I bought her a pair of lightly padded undies, works for her when she wants to make it go away.

      Second, I am not sure if it's a cover thing, but people get scars that are dented fixed by plastic surgeons with fatty injections.

      Best of Luck.


        Hi there. I know you posted several years ago, but hoping you can provide an update on your lipoatrophy. Has it gotten better over the years? Worse? Stayed the same? Did you do anything to treat it? I have lipoatrophy all over my butt too and I am completely distraught over it (obviously now off the Copaxone). Seriously considering a BBL fat transfer so would love an update on your situation!


          I stopped Copaxone some 8 or 9 years ago, and one reason for stopping was those dents in my skin. I understood that they would be permanent but when I go looking for them now, I can't find them.
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