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    I found a specialist in acupuncture and have had 5 treatments for dizziness. The first day my husband and I went to the store after and I set my cane down to look at some clothes. Then I proceeded to walk around the store for awhile before I realized that I had left my cane.

    Since then, I can walk without my cane except in crowds. I am still a little hesitant but my balance is much better and the dizziness has started to subside as well.

    I wouldn't have tried this except for the fact that I had surgery many years ago and the pain meds made me throw up. My surgeon was Chinese and he performed acupuncture on me and I went without any pain meds afterwards. I didn't know if it would help with dizziness and balance but I looked on the internet and found favorable info. I also trust my doctor (who does the acupuncture) and know he wouldn't do it if he didn't believe it would help.

    I am grateful that I tried it and have experienced good progress ever since.

    That's great you saw improvement! I have had acupuncture treatments myself for overall pain and various other reasons, and had good outcomes too.

    Once I went 2/x week for a couple weeks during a flare up. It was the shortest flare I experienced and I like to think that it was the acupuncture that shortened it. Guess I'll never know, but it was way more pleasant than the steriods my neuro wanted to put me on. I declined and went to my acupuncturist instead.

    Hope you continue to show improvement in your symptoms loopey!
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      I've been having acupuncture treatments since last November to alleviate severe pronation of my weak right leg. The pronation is gone, and I have had the added bonus of the elimination of the pain caused by osteoarthritis in my right knee. I've likened it to "hotwiring" a car. I continue to go every 2-3 weeks.