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    my state...

    i live in ny. i have used marijuana to get through some days for many years now. i did everything my state asked... i saw a practitioner (doc) that participated in the program. i got my licence. i got the rx. i went to the dispensary and for what lasted 2 days, i paid 93.00 after tax. it was a hundred dollars but they knock 15 bucks off if you have medicaid. we have only 4 dispensaries in the whole state all run by the same company that sells tincture or pills or vaporization oil that they manufacture. it's pretty awful.

    i get medicaid because i don't make enough money to pay for anything. i pay my bills, cut coupons with a magnifying hood on lol, sell stuff i can on ebay, but i do not have access to marijuana, my preferred thing is the distillate cartriges. for people who can get the cartridges, i found that gorilla glue #4 helps with spasms, sleep and apatite. oh ya and that oh so wonderful feeling that death is a little close for comfort, it takes that away. i'm too sick to move or go anywhere. any suggestions would be helpful love to all...