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Useful LDN Information

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    Useful LDN Information

    This post is to provide some useful links to those interested in learning more about Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN):

    The "original" LDN website created by Dr. David Gluck.

    A website that collects information and news about LDN from around-the-world and sponsors LDN conferences and events.

    A public information project on LDN by the MedInsight Research Institute. The website has a good video about how LDN works.

    A website run by LDN advocate SammyJo Wilkerson, a LDN advocate. The website is a good place to find LDN research and user surveys.

    This is a website that collects LDN user experiences from a variety of conditions for which people have tried the drug. Currently, there are about 250 responses in regards to MS.

    There are more LDN websites and foums but these are a good place to start.
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    Added later, by Mamabug:

    This website summarizes the main finding about clinical trials for people with MS. If the link doesn't work, try googling: ldn
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    Another useful link:

    This is a series of interviews of people taking LDN for MS as well as other autoimmune conditions and some cancers.


      How LDN was discovered:

      Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) Pioneer Dr. Bernard Bihari Talks About His Life

      The science behind LDN:

      Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN): Tricking the Body to Heal Itself


        A very good presentation by a doctor who prescribes LDN:

        Dr. Burt Berkson Presentation on LDN and Alpha Lipoic Acid Therapy for Cancer & Autoimmune Disease


          LDN causes a 2-300% increase in endorphins for about 16 hours after you take it. Endorphins are hormones that reduce pain and increase pleasure.

          A small study done at Stanford on Fibromyalgia patients exhibited this:

          Low-Dose Naltrexone Reduces the Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

          Many of the same drugs used for Fibromyalgia pain are also used for MS.


            Taking Copaxone + LDN is a good idea. The Copaxone acts as a decoy while LDN modulates the immune system.

            There is a school of thought that after you take Copaxone for six months or so you've built-up enough in your system that you can cut back on shots to every 2-3 days. Don't ever expect a clinical trial or endorsement from Teva but it sure makes taking Copaxone more tolerable.

            Google: copaxone every other day

            Make sure she also supplements with the following as well:

            Vitamin D3
            Calcium 2AEP
            Calcium Orotate
            Choline Citrate
            Alpha Lipoic Acid
            Fish Oil

            In particular, google Calcium 2AEP, Choline Citrate and Alpha Lipoic Acid with "multiple sclerosis" for more information. Any of these supplements could be just as effective as Copaxone.



              It depends when you take the Vicodin. The LDN is only in your system for about four hours so if you take it before bedtime taking the Vicodin the next day should be fine. From what I understand Vicodin leaves your body in about six hours.

              The endorphins produced by the LDN should also help reduce Fibromyalgia pain and you may want to consider taking a Malic Acid and Magnesium supplement.

              A clinical trial showed the two helped reduce Fibromyalgia pain:

              Treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome with Super Malic: a randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, crossover pilot study.


              Google: fibromyalgia malic acid pain relief

              So did LDN:

              Fibromyalgia symptoms are reduced by low-dose naltrexone: a pilot study.


              I wouldn't be at all surprised that if you took LDN at night, 600mg Malic Acid w/Magnesium before each meal, that you didn't need the Vicodin.

              It's interesting to note that Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is used as a home remedy for Fibromyalgia pain. Malic Acid is in ACV.

              Malic Acid, along with Fumaric Acid, is produced by our cells in what is called the Kreb's Cycle. Fumaric Acid and Fumaric Acid Esters have been used to treat pain.

              Fumaric Acid Esters are also called "Dimethyl Fumarate".

              The new Biogen BG12 MS drug is made of Dimethyl Fumarate.

              One of the reported clinical trial "side effects" of taking BG12 is reduced multiple sclerosis pain and fatigue. So if your neuro ever decides to prescribe you BG12 when it becomes available you'll most likely find it helps with your Fibromyalgia pain as well.

              Or just continue taking LDN and Malic Acid which pretty much do the same thing as BG12.


                Short term responses

                Hi there,

                I wonder if anyone can relate their experiences starting LDN treatment? That is, over what period of time did what kind of things happen? Mostly I'm wondering about the first few months, I suppose, but I'll read anything! Thanks!



                  I've been on LDN for 6 months now and off Betaseron. My heat tolerance has been better, and energy has been better as well. I did have CCSVI a few years ago as well that improved my situation dramatically as well. I think the combination of the 2 has helped me with my QOL. I haven't had to be on steroids in a few years thankfully.


                    madgoat: I'm a little confused: you said CCSVI "improved your situation dramatically": I understand CCSVI to be a condition, so should I suppose you had the associated angioplasty or stenting or something? Anyway, thank you for sharing, it's a lot to get up to speed on.


                      I have been on LDN for about 2 1/2 years. Initially I was on a 3mg dose and after about a year my doctor increased my dose to 4.5mg daily. I take it at night before bedtime and I believe it has helped me get a better night's sleep. Prior to taking LDN, I was severely sleep deprived. And I found that was having negative effect on my attitude.

                      LDN is a compounded drug that you need to get compounded for you at a compounding pharmacy, not at the common pharmacy. I had to find an MD that understood this drug and its application.

                      I am treated by a neurologist, a PCP, a cardiologist, a 'naturopath' and a sleep specialist. All card carrying MD's. Only the 'naturopath' knows about and prescribes LDN. Surprise, LDN is cheap and non-toxic and pretty much generic. Very little 'fat' for 'perks' in the docs pockets. Don't you think?


                        Sharing info w/Docs

                        Thanks for sharing, Jerry!

                        I'm a little fascinated that you don't tell any of your other physicians about LDN. For example, you feel like LDN has helped with sleep problems, but you're not telling your sleep specialist: won't that get confusing/counter-productive? (no judgment, just curious). I imagine that you're worried they'll refuse to treat you or something?

                        Having been on it for that long, you should be seeing all the effects you're going to see, if I read the literature correctly: are there other MS symptoms that it's not helping with?



                          Been on LDN for almost 2 months

                          I have been on LDN for 2 months now and I feel great. My mood has been better and I have been very active. I sleep every night and have no pain... I did have a little episode just this past Saturday but no big deal.

                          I was chasing after the kids and it was like 90 degrees out. I went down. It was my own fault I know my limits but I just kept going, lol.

                          I get my LDN compounded at my local pharmacy in liquid form. I work there so they even showed me how to make it. The taste was awful but for my next month they flavored it and it's more tolerable.

                          Give it a try! I'm so happy I did.


                            Please keep the ldn information coming. I am considering asking my neuro about it. I'm just not confident that he will know much about it.


                              Casey & Ginny

                              I'm a little more than 3 months into this LDN experiment.

                              The brain fog has pretty much gone away. I was to the point of wrapping a string around my wrist and the stove door handle because I was afraid I'd walk away from cooking and burn my house down. The fog started lifting within a week of starting LDN.

                              Balance has improved a lot. It's just an annoyance now. The numbness hasn't cleared up much at all but I can live with it. So I walk a little funny sometimes.....

                              Of course I've learned how to pace myself so that helps too.

                              I'm a 50 year old guy. One attack about a year ago. I could barely walk to the corner store and back a few months ago. The neuro wants me on Extavia (interferon beta-1b). I can't see the point.

                              Maybe LDN helped or maybe things just happened. I dunno.

                              Best of luck!