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Reliable Canadian pharmacy other than Pharmaweb b

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    Reliable Canadian pharmacy other than Pharmaweb b

    Can anyone recommend a Canadian pharmacy other than Pharmaweb? I need to order provigil and I had some problems with their shipping years ago. Thanks so much!

    I'll reply since there have been no answers so far.

    I don't have any experience with Canadian mail order pharmacies, but technically it is illegal in the US to receive or import into the US drugs from a foreign country. However, if you have a 3 month supply of legitimate prescription drugs for personal use, the authorities are mostly looking the other way at the border, so you will probably be OK as an individual consumer.

    I used to live near the Washington State - British Columbia border, and there it was possible to go to a Canadian doctor just across the border with your US prescriptions and have the Canadian doctor rewrite the scripts to take to a Canadian pharmacy to have them filled. The meds were usually a lot cheaper, and of the same quality as those available in the US.

    However, by mail order you have no idea if the drugs are actually manufactured and distributed by a licensed Canadian pharmacy - if so, I think they would be fine, but how could you tell for sure? They could be fakes or lower quality from another country with low standards.

    Maybe there have been no replies because there is limited experience with this amongst the MSWorld members. Personally, I would not use a mail order Canadian pharmacy, as it seems too risky to me. I have traveled to Canada in person and obtained medications there in the past and had no problems.