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Injection redness

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    Injection redness

    How long do you have to be on Beta for the Red injection spots to stop showing up? I've been on it for about 3 months and my skin still gets really red and some places are still red when it's time to inject in to that spot again. It wouldn't bother me except I feel like the ones visible to other people could make me appear to be a drug user, so I'm ready for them to be gone!
    Dx RR August 2013
    DMD Betaseron
    Nursing Student (RN)
    Mother to 1 year old

    red spots

    I've been taking it for 5 1/2 years and I still get the red spots sometimes. Haven't quite figured out when, but I think it has to do with heat. I think I get them more in the winter when I sleep under more covers.

    Also, some of the places have calmed down. I don't really have trouble with my arms anymore. My thighs have always been the worst.

    You can ask your neurologist to prescribe a topical cream or gel to help. I've used both prescription-strength hydrocortisone, and triamcinalone. They've helped some of the symptoms, but I'm not sure the bumps go away any faster.


      My stomach is always red and spotty. All other injections sites are never red. I would recommend the ointment, and skip the places that are red for a bit for those sites to calm down.


        Some help for red spots

        Hello Hlawman,
        I have been getting those red spots too. My Dr. actually recommended a hemorrhoidal cream to help alleviate the redness. He got that tip from a patient who is a nurse too. That does help. It takes a few days but lessens the length of it. Hope that helps you.