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marks from injection shots

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    marks from injection shots

    I'm hoping someone can answer this. I have been getting red marks after i do my shot then after a week or two turns into a bruise or have discoloration marks. I can count all the shots I have done. Had the betanurse look at them and just recommended to use bach's cream. Does anyone know a way to make this better. Thanks

    A little more info would be handy.

    How long have you been on Beta? I think many of us had the red marks for about the first 6 months to a year. I have my own theory its because of the alchohol prep pads in the kit but it could also be one of those things we deal with while getting our tolerance up. You could try using cotten balls and a bottle of good old rubbing alchohol and see if that clears it up.

    Bruising shouldn't be happening but other have written about it. Are you using the Betaject auto injector? I've never used it, myself, and taught myself how to manually inject without the trauma. I just go slowly and let the needle and gravity do the work.


      I have been on the betaseron since Feb 2012. I do use the betaject. I will try your suggestion. Have to do injection tonight. Thank you so much.


        mine stopped when

        I also got big red welts after beta injections. especially when I injected in my thighs. I quit using the autoinjector so I could slow way down, and stopped using my thighs. I don't know if it is coincidence (it was about a year after I started injecting) but I no longer get welts.

        It could be that by stopping the thighs I was no longer causing my body to have an extreme reaction, so it stopped in the rest of my sites. who knows why? I am just glad it stopped. even my arms look better and don't get the reaction I used to.

        good luck.
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          Hi joancmor

          I have red marks every where I give my injection. I have been doing this for 18 years before we got the auto injector..I believed I have the kind of skin prone to these 'marks'.

          I use the autoinjector but hold it slighly away from my skin so it doesn't 'slam' into the spot. That seemed to stop any bruising. I do develop sore spots and hardened areas and take that site out of the rotation for a while.

          My daughter, an Rn, gives me my injection in the back of my arm once a week. That is a site I never used before.

          Best wishes to you
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            I get these. Nurses suggested Benadryl cream, I didn't notice any difference.

            Don't use my thighs anymore b/c that's where the marks were the worst. Red splotches would hang around for weeks.

            When we had the recall on the alcohol prep pads I used rubbing alcohol & a cotton ball - didn't notice any difference in red marks.

            Injecting manually may help, but DH manually injects mine & still get marks

            This is the worse side effect I have from this DMD so I just consider myself blessed!
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              I had this same issue. I found that if I were to use my stomach, I got less marks. When I used the back of my arms I looked abused as did my legs. Other then rubbing alot after the injection I haven't found anything that really helps out all that much.


                Still around

                I stopped using the back of my arms three years ago and still have the marks. I have used beta since mar 2007. I get them everywhere, some spots have stayed and others have disappeared. Been going downhill for awhile and might consider switching or stopping dmd, period.


                  I have the opposite problem. My thighs and arms are fine but my stomach gets so red, swollen and bruised afterwards. It's very embarrassing.
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                    Any medication can "track back" ... Leak back to the surface. It maybe, that is partially the problem. Some people can 'offset' the skin, with a thumb, pushing lightly, to pull the surface layer of the skin to an area, it normally, is not.

                    Then inject and release the skin. It generally, folds back over the "injection" site and keeps the medicine from leaking out and causing an issue.

                    Also, some use a small little bubble of air and it is injected, last with medication. The belief is, the air bubble, will hold the medicine, below the skin surface.

                    I don't know if this is the problem. Camsue, can you ask your rn daughter, about this? or any medical professionals?
                    As, I am not aware of any, new techniques ( I am a bit old..fashioned). Thank You, Up


                      Since 1994

                      I have been using Betaseron since 1994. Sometimes I get bad red marks and sometimes I don't. It just depends on how my body is feeling I guess.

                      I mostly used my stomach so nobody could see, and now I have so much scare tissue I have to find some new spots. When I injected in my lower buttock I could tell with more pain in my leg the next day (leg pain an issue).

                      I don't think the red spots will ever disappear completely. You are afterall injecting a foreign substance in to your body.

                      I used to mix and inject without an autoinjector when I first started using and now I love my autoject. I just want to get it over and it is fast and painless. I do not believe it causes any worse or lessing red marks.


                        injection site reaction

                        I've been on Betaseron for at least 5 years. I had been on avonex, rebif & copaxone and had welts with all. I took injection in November in left buttock and I think I hit the same spot that I had injected before. I got a big welt and bruising. It finally went down this month but there's a scar-looks like a coffee stain.

                        Now on my right cheek I have the sane thing. It feels like I'm getting stuck by needle and it's hard like a rock. I showed my primary Dr pics of left cheek and he said it looks like shingles, and because of MS I can't get the Shingles vaccination. Has anyone else gd this?
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                          Originally posted by ram11273 View Post
                          ...because of MS I can't get the Shingles vaccination.
                          Is that true? I had chicken pox as a kid and thought of getting the Shingles vaccination but didn't know of any restrictions if you have MS...? That would really suck!

                          Laugh or cry... I chose to laugh~ Dx RRMS June 2008, was missed on 2003 MRI so have had it since well before 2003 per Specialist. Betaseron since June 2008. My father had MS as well~


                            Shingles vaccine

                            I have MS and my neurologist recommended that I get the shingles vaccine back when I was on tysabri. I put it off because it is expensive and not covered by insurance.

                            So just my luck, I got shingles. I was treated with an anti-viral and taken off Tysabri until it cleared up. Did I go get the vaccine? No, because I read that you only have shingles once.

                            Surprise! Three years later I had shingles again without the skin breakout. The Neuro again suggested getting the vaccine, so that time I listened.

                            I ponied up the $300 for the shot.



                              Sorry you had shingles twice, glad you the vaccine. My MS Specialist never suggested it (on Tysabri), guess I'll check into it!

                              Originally posted by tahoeteri View Post
                              Is that true? I had chicken pox as a kid and thought of getting the Shingles vaccination but didn't know of any restrictions if you have MS...? That would really suck!

                              Hi Teri,

                              This is from the NMSS -

                              Shingles vaccine (Zostavax®). A live-virus vaccine to prevent shingles. MS neurologists do not recommend live-virus vaccines for people with MS because these vaccines can lead to an increase in disease activity. However, Zostavax is an exception because most people have had chicken pox earlier in their lives and therefore already have the virus in their bodies. Each person needs to discuss the potential benefits and risks of this vaccine with her or his healthcare provider.

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