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Has Avonex helped with Brain atrophy & cognitive function

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    Has Avonex helped with Brain atrophy & cognitive function

    I have never been on Avonex.
    It has been recommended to me that i step up my treatment from Tysabri to Lemtrada because of significant increase in brain atrophy and decrease in cognitive function. I am SPMS

    So I have been madly trying to acquire as much info about Lemtrada,brain atrophy, cognitive function and other treatments in order to make an informed decision.

    One study states Avonex showed benefit in slowing or preventing the development of MS related brain atrophy measured by MRI after 2 years in RRMS patients only.

    However it also states that immunosuppresive treatments (Lemtrada) lacks substantial efficacy in preventing the development of brain atrophy in SPMS patients.

    I have only found this one study (so far) that specificly mentions a treatments pro's and con's in respect to do with atrophy.

    I would appreciate any feedback in regards to info and experiences to do with Avonex (or other treatments) and it's effect on atrophy and cognitive function.

    Thanks n all the best.

    That one Avonex study is SO old and completely unsupported by other research that is probably isn't worth spending any more time on.


      Thanks for the feedback.