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Delayed pain at injection site!

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    Delayed pain at injection site!

    Hi guys. I get anxiety about things really easily.

    I did my shot in Sunday and now it's Thursday but today I started to have pain around the injection site. It started after I went on a walk this morning.

    It only hurts when I use the muscle. It's my thigh so it hurts when I walk. It's not severe pain but its like I exercised crazy hard yesterday but it only hurts in that one area.

    Is this normal? Every time I see my neurologist he tells me to tell him if the muscle where I injected is hard? Well it feels hard but maybe just barely harder than the other leg.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Thank you.

    I don't get on here very often, but wanted to respond in case you are still on here. Have injected Avonex 12 years. The muscle often gets sore two days after injection or so. Working the muscle helps even though it hurts initially. Perfectly normal.