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Side effects only every other week.

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    Side effects only every other week.

    Hello! I have a doctors appointment in two weeks but I just wanted to get peoples opinion first.
    Well, every time I do the injection in my right leg I have almost zero side effects. Maybe a little sore, and that's it. Also, around the site becomes read a few days later and lasts around 2 weeks.

    However, when I inject in my left leg I have pretty strong flu symptoms for 1-2 days. There is also never any redness at the site of injection.

    So, does this sound like its going into the muscle on my left leg but not on my right? It's strange because I make sure where I inject on my right leg has hardly any fat and push the needle in all the way.

    It's cool to only have side effects every other week but I feel like I'm not getting medicated and wasting the expensive shots! By the way I'm using the pre-filled injections, not the pen. They don't offer it here in Japan. I also have my husband do it for me but I make sure it goes in all the way, I just cant do it myself.

    Any advice/insight is appreciated!

    Not sure how to edit my post. I made a typo: becomes red a few days*

    Also I've only been on Avonex for a little less than a month and a half, but since the beginning this has been going on.


      Not sure about the difference in the sites - I never had that problem when I took Avonex. Maybe call the nurse that taught you how to inject and see what they say?

      But, since your DH is injecting, you can put your arms in the rotation also.