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    This is my second go round with Avonex which is long story in itself. The first time was almost five years ago and I don't remember my experience with it.

    I have been on it now for about three months and feel like I've been doing pretty good. However, over the last three weeks I've been having a lot of trouble walking. I have a lot of stiffness in my thighs but not much pain. My DW thinks it's the fault of the Avonex. I don't agree.

    Has anyone else had these types of problems while taking Avonex? I go to my Neuro tomorrow and I will would like to know what to talk about other than I think I've progressed to SPMS.
    Dx'd 4/1/11. First symptoms in 2001. Avonex 4/11, Copaxone 5/12, Tecfidera 4/13 Gilenya 4/14-10/14 Currently on no DMT's, Started Aubagio 9/21/15. Back on Avonex 10/15

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    I too took Avonex (of and on for several years) and didn't have any problems with my legs at that time. That was at least 8 years ago since I was on it, now taking Gilenya.(and yeah I believe that I may also be in the SP group ...)

    BUT in the last month or so I have also had much more pain, stiffness and difficulty walking than I ever have. I have an apt. in 3 weeks with Neuro, but I am assuming mine is being caused by the weather. It has been cold and wet here in SC lately - they are saying snow this weekend . But since I don't do heat well either I am just trying to keep it at a 'happy medium' in the house .

    Hoping that you get some answers, and some relief when you see your Neuro.


      I was on Avonex for about a year and a half before 6 months on Betaseron and now about 6 years on Gilyena.

      I was on Avonex when the needle resembled a sword and I will say that to this day I still get pain and stiffness in my thighs where I did the shots. It almost feels like I just gave myself the shot all over again.

      I don't know that it is related to Avonex or not but I can't help but suspect that it is.
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