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Just started Aubagio 7mg yesterday, what should I be expecting?

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    Just started Aubagio 7mg yesterday, what should I be expecting?

    Who on here is on Aubagio 7mg??
    I just took my second pill. Dr has me on 7mg. How have been your experience so far?
    I take prescription strength naproxen (Alieve) an hour before and take at my Aubagio at 6:30pm. No headache so far.
    Took Betaseron for 2 years, then Avonex until March of last year. Hope this pill helps.I have relapses avg every 9 to 12 months.
    Have a heck of a new normal after my last relapse 8/01. 3 doses of solumedrol. But, to me, this time did not get my nerves settled enough. Still horrible fatigue, leg fasticity, when I do anything, takes a day to semi recover. Walk like a drunk. Talk like one when tired. Use a buggy at the store to be able to walk far. Have hugs off and on. So i guess this is my new normal.
    Hoping I get some good results with this, at least lesser steroids.
    I want to hear from others taking this pill, you experiences with it, and anything I need to be watching out for.
    Thanks in advance!

    I've been taking Aubagio, 14mg for almost 3 years. Drink extra water!!! that'll do more to prevent any headaches than anything else. I'm sure there's a logical, medical reasoning behind that, but all I know is it works. I did need to watch my eating at first. Greasy foods made for tummy unhappiness, but that's easily avoided. All that went away after about 3, maybe 4 months. All in all, Aubagio has been good to me. I have zero side effects now, have had no relapses since starting it, and no new lesions showing up on MRIs.
    Do you know why you were started on 7mg? Is there a plan to change to 14mg? I was started right on 14mg.
    I hope this works out for you.
    "Hope for the best and plan for the worst. That way, all your surprises will be pleasant."
    Verin Mathwin, The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan