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How To Cope With Side Effects of Medicine

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    How To Cope With Side Effects of Medicine

    Someone recently posted the side effects of Aubagio on a thread I started. My first bad symptom was dizziness that didn't go away but since starting Aubagio I get sick often when I eat. I have lost over 50 pounds and everything sinister has been ruled out so it must be a side effect of the Aubagio.

    I also recently had to start taking medicine for high blood pressure (another side effect of Aubagio) and the blood pressure medicine also causes dizziness. I really don't need any more of that since it has never gone away and now it is worse.

    Other side effects have come up but those are the most troubling. I haven't had any new lesions since starting Aubagio (almost 4 years ago) so I am reluctant to stop it or take a new medication which might have worse side effects. I cannot stop the blood pressure medicine either as it is the third one I tried and it is keeping my blood pressure and pulse normal. The alternative is too scary.

    How do others cope with side effects?

    Have you talked with your doctor about this? Personally, I would refuse the med if it caused these kinds of problems. You don't need high blood pressure on top of MS.

    I've had many medications which caused me weird side effects that I just couldn't live with. I always ask my doctors to give me the lowest dose possible and I only buy half the prescription to start out in case I find there are side effects that I can't tolerate.

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      Here's what worked for me...


      Just wanted to tell u a little about my situation.

      I started taking a DMT (not Abaugio) in January of 2015. Over time I began noticing new symptoms: back pain, body stiffness, dizziness, and extreme weakness on one side. My DR kept attributing them to "previous damage".
      After doing some research, I thought these so-called symptoms might actually be side effects from the drug but there was no way to definitively decide without stopping the drug.
      My family and I decided it was worth the risk to stop for a few months and see what my baseline actually was. Within six weeks of my last monthly infusion, every single symptom aka side effect disappeared entirely. That obviously wasn't the drug for me. I'm now moving on to Abaugio.

      So, if you and your DR have ruled everything else out, maybe you should think about eliminating Abaugio from your system for a few months to see what happens for you.
      PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTOR'S HELP. Abaugio remains in your system for a very long time and your DR can provide medication that will eliminate it quickly.
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        Thank you for your responses. I just had another MRI with no new lesions after 4 years on Aubagio. I saw my MS specialist yesterday and he says Aubagio is working for me and I should stay on it.

        My blood pressure is under control with the meds but I think they make me more dizzy. I am terrified to stop Aubagio and to try something else since all the DMT's have some sort of side effect. Plus my doctor insists this is working very well for me. I just wish it wasn't so difficult to make valid and sensible decisions given the many sx MS can have and the multitude of side effects of meds.

        The other issue is that I am older and was DX in my 50's. I am afraid that I am secondary progressive now though my doctor says "not yet".