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Is anyone taking Aubagio?

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    I am finishing my second month and thankfully I am doing fine. My blood work is normal and I don't think I have any problems on Aubagio.



      Same here, finishing up 2 mos. aubagio & no sfx to speak of, nor any magic beanstalk type things. I hope it's helping. If my (already thin) hair thins, I will get a pixie cut. And a wig maybe, or fun. I'm not swinging from the chandeliers anymore, and I'm too tired for lingerie so I thing a wig is a worthy investment!

      Nothing significant on Blood work, which I will be doing monthly for 9mos as I am tb positive and am taking antibiotics until november.
      I hope I feel better when I stop those.

      As to ms dinners, I went to one with a neuro speaker, he came up from the rocky mountain ms center.
      He mentioned gilenya and something about it trapping lyphnodes.
      I ran to a neuro right away when gilenya came out. I had been waiting around since 2000 for PILL. But he wouldn't rx with cancer as a reason. This led to betaseron which gave me sudden incontinence issues. After 9 mos of that, I moved from my hometown and had an excuse to discontinue betaseron.

      So far, so good with Aubagio...


        Fine here

        I have been on Augabio 14 mg daily for seven months. No side effects at all.

        Surprising given the crazy/severe reactions I have had to a lot of drugs. Avonex... good night, that was tough. Aubagio has been great, though.

        Anyway, I have had no issues with the Aubagio, and I have all kinds of blood work every month.

        Best of luck!


          Just started month # 3 on Aubagio. No problems so far...


            My experience

            I've been on Aubagio for aboutthree weeks now and have no side effects so far. I was previously on Copaxone. My neurologist said that I should feel the effects in about three months or four. I'm also beginning Acthar which previously did me some good for a brief time.


              taking aubagio

              I have been on aubagio for about 5 weeks. The main reason I switched from Avonex to it was because I couldn't stand the flu like symptoms that I had for about three years while on it. I am a nurse so I could deal with the weekly injections. But I must say, this is by far, the easiest, and, so far, the best treatment, I could hope for. Lets face it....every medication is harmful to your liver. I am in a study so I am having monthly bloodwork done to check my liver for the first three months, then every, three months. After the year is up I will request it twice a year. So far, not one side effect. My nuero is an MS specialist who thinks this med is a winner (better results than avonex). Check with your doctor!!