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Breakthrough research shows hope for reversing damage in neurological disease!

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    Breakthrough research shows hope for reversing damage in neurological disease!

    There is hope for the future!

    “This new research has revealed a new cell type, a new type of white blood cell that actually rescues dying nerve cells and also stimulates them to grow new fibers when those fibers have been damaged,” Segal said. “It was a complete surprise. The cell type we had never seen before. It’s a white blood cell called a granulocyte, which is a general category of white blood cells that has not really been heavily implicated in repair in the past. So yes, it was a ‘eureka moment.’”

    In the lab, the researchers used the cells to repair damage in mice models.

    “We introduced the cells at the site of damage. In multiple different compartments of the central nervous system they were able to increase nerve cell survival dramatically as well as stimulate new nerve fiber growth within mice,” he said. “Which normally doesn’t occur at all in that type of injury.”

    They conducted a similar experiment in a petri dish that contained human nerve cells.

    “We did use human nerve cells in some of our experiments and showed that the immune cell was effective in stimulating human nerve cells to grow new fibers,” Segal said.

    The next step will be working out protocols to harvest immature cells from bone marrow then stimulating them to become pro-regenerative cells.
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    Wow Seasha. Even if it helps a little then that would be a lot. Thanks for putting this up.
    It was one agains't 2.5million toughest one we ever fought.


      Wow, that's fantastic news! Gives hope, which is what we all need!

      I also recognized Dr. Benjamin Segal's name. He used to be the medical director for the MS clinic at the University of Michigan.


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        Amazing research!
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          I love the fact that if successful, the treatment could help not just those of us with MS, but a number of other neurological conditions. Praying and hoping it transfers well to us humans!
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            Fantastic News!! I probably won't be here to benefit from it. Wish I could be in the trial.
            God Bless Us All